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  1. merfman, i was thinking the same about taylor park. what about adjusting the air screw on a 4-stroke, would that be sufficient? i called for reservations to camp at the races and they were all filled up except for a overflow area about 5 minutes from the track where they will be shuttling people to the track. so i am guessing thats where we will be unless we get lucky, but we will be showing up saturday morning so will probably be sent out yonder. we will look for your mh for sure and do some benchracing, beer-drinkin, and girl chasin. thanks again
  2. trailryder, those pics are awesome. rampart looks pretty challenging, lot of rocks out there? taylor park looks like alot of fun too. we are coming up from austin. how is the weather around taylor park this time of year?
  3. mxshae17

    Blisters/Calluses on your hand

    baby powder in the gloves works great and you may want to get some stomp grip from one industries or you can use skate board grip but that stuff will tear your riding gear up quick. stomp grip is made of rubber with nipples on it. stick it to your frame where you have worn down the paint. it helps you grip with your legs more and not have to hang on so tight with your hands.
  4. depends on the size of the jump and speed needed to clear the obstacle. if i have the speed needed say 10 ft. before the jump i keep a steady throttle off the face, but if i am coming out of a turn and the face is right after the turn then i seat bounce and get a hand full of 2nd or 3rd all the way off the face. those seem to be the funnest for me. i ride a crf 450 and recently got off a rm 250 2-stroke and on the 2-stroke i had to stay pinned everywhere. as long as you keep in a nuetral position off the face it is much easier to correct any problems and remember it for the next lap(s). Ride it like you stole it!
  5. joel, thanks for the info. i've been checking out rainbow trail and it looks good. what about alpine loop? are there any lakes or creeks/rivers at the rainbow trail? we will pull in town next wednesday and ride/camp till sat. and then go to the races. are you going to the races in lakewood? if so, come by our camp and drink some beers.
  6. i am coming up to ride in the mountains and am wondering what jetting adjustments i need to make from stock settings on a 02 rm250, or if i need to make any. i have heard people saying i do need to make adjustments and that it shouldn't make a difference. any info will be greatly appreciated.
  7. Me and 3 long-time riding buddies are super pumped to come up to Colorado and explore the mountains on our bikes. We all ride at least twice a week at local tracks and race on occasssion for the last 5 years. We are in our early 30's and can't wait to get out of this heat and enjoy Colorado. Any info on where we should go would be greatly appreciated. We want to stay within a hour or so of Denver cause we are going to the National Race in Lakewood on the 24th. If anyone has experienced Grand Lake Trails, Rampart Range, Georgetown/Empire, or Woodland Park I would like to hear your thoughts. A place where we could ride/camp for 3 days with awesome views, trees, lakes, rivers, elevation changes, and look at a trail that we have to seriously consider for a while if we should try it or not, would be more than we could ever expect or hope for. I look forward to your response. Oh yeah, 3 of us will be on 04-05 CRF 450s and one on a RM 250. Do we need spark arrestors, and when we get into higher elecations will the 2-stroke have jetting issues with its basically stock settings?