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  1. Thanks a million for the quick response Trav..... We will be staying in "the pit" area, and have a guide (local rider) to show us around..... I will relate your suggestions to him. Thanks again..... Chris N
  2. Hi !!! I am new to this site, normally ride the dunes.... But here is my question. My family and I are planning a trip to Reiter the same weekend of the Buttstomper Challenge, will we be in the way??? We all ride ATV's... We normally ride oregon dunes, but decided to dust off the 4 strokes and try some dirt. We have had this planned for over a month, and would appreciate any info or suggestions for our first ride at Reiter..... Thanks in Advance Chris N. yzf 450 x 2 z400 x 2 Polaris 500 Kodiak 450