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  1. Well the quad would get its ass kicked because the bike has 2 times less the weght.
  2. Honda300ex

    30ex Exhaust

    I was wondering what kind of exhaust would be good for my 03 300ex? I dont want it to loud but i want it to be loud enugh to hear that im coming and they know its me.Can you guys help me?
  3. Honda300ex


    Hey that was my 300ex and hell yeah that thing is a beast!!! Man i am sooo glad that no1 got that fine cuz that would of been hell.
  4. Honda300ex

    90' rm250 vs 660r

    rmx is more enduro with lights and its geared differant than a rm250 i think as to where a rm is motocross
  5. Honda300ex

    '04 250 Vs.'87 250

    u guys dont get it do you? Im talking about a 87' 250. its 4-stroke. like a 250 ex ,but its chain and clutch.
  6. I have a question what would win in a race. A 2004 250ex Sportrax or a 1987 250 Fourtrax?(they r both running on all stock everything)
  7. Honda300ex

    What kind of helmet do you have?

    I wear a vega and it has done me right.