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  1. You were right guys about this bike i went today to buy it but i found it sold just an hour before i came to the store i hope i can find better than this one
  2. i have to check out in which year is made is there a way to find out
  3. what makes it cheap , because it's hard to find spear parts thanks guys for the advice for the year ( the man who want to sell it , didn't know about the year) but i think it's about 1996
  4. i want to ask the woners or any one who have info about KDX 200 or maintenance this bike i found KDX 200 in medium condition for 700$ but it's very hard to find spear parts in my country is there other bikes parts can work with KDX 200 or is there internet stores who deliver parts worldwide for KDX 200
  5. thank you very much i think i will go for the wr400
  6. i don't have much options with used off road two wheels bike ( they aren't used that much in my country) i found two bike kx 250 - 97 = 1000$ ( two stroke engine) wr400 - 2000 = 2000$ for Kawasaki there aren't spare parts for it in my country ( thats makes it cheap) i have to go abroad for yamaha there are plenty of spear parts if you were me what to choose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!