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    Need Comfort and Fit in a DRZ

    Hi! I'm new here and I really appreciate the forums; it really is a big help for a guy like me looking to get back onto a bike after not having one for a long time. This is a killer website; GOOD JOB I'm looking for my first dual purpose bike; I've looked at the KLR 650 and 250. Now I'm looking at the DRZ 400. I'm not really interested in hardcore dirt riding; I want to go far into the boonies, not up the tallest hill or past the other guy. I plan to ride 20 miles to work during the week and on the weekends take a day or two trip on the bike ususally to remote places away from civilization to relax and explore and maybe get a little better at the dirt riding. My main concerns so far are comfort and fit; I'm 5'7" tall with about a 32" inseam, I demand that I be able to sit flat footed on my bike, also I demand that my seat be comfortable enough to make me WANT to ride my bike every chance I get. I've read the forums on the DRZ400 and it sounds like a great bike for me; I just need to be able to customize mine (when I get it) to fit me. Any suggestions?
  2. smellycat

    Another DRZ400 streetability question

    I'm considering a 400 DRZ as a choice for my next bike; two things that I need to deal with before I decide on the DRZ are seat comfort and seat height. I am 5'7" tall with a 31" inseam and I want to be able to sit on my 400 DRZ flat footed. Also I need a seat that is comfortable enough that I can ride for an hour without feeling like I need a butt massage. If anybody has any suggestions about where to start I'd like to hear them.