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  1. I'm with Wayne on this one. It has been very difficult to split time between advocacy and actual riding/racing. The past couple of years have been more focused on racing, looking for new opportunities to advocate that provide better access/time for the important stuff. If you spend all of your time advocating, you lose out on what is really important, and end up pissed off. Having had some involvement at the state level (OHMVR), I can definitely say that no amount of advocacy would have meant expansion or addition of riding areas. Just take a look at the commisioners, not one of them lives in an area that contains or is affected by a riding area. While Daphne Green did a great job with what she had to work with, the political infighting that goes on with this organization keeps it from moving forward, like so many other government organizations. Also, I don't know of any time that the OHMVR has been directly involved in any battle to save desert lands, but maybe I missed something..... And by the way, the OHMVR has had many opportunities over the years to purchase land for OHV use, but has failed to move on all but a few, and most of those are just buffer lands to existing SVRA's, which add no additional trails or riding opportunities.
  2. desert rat 2

    We're back the Knuckleheads ride Area 52

    Glad to see a new knucklehead report. It's definitely been awhile. By the way, any new signage or enforcement out there that you could see?
  3. desert rat 2

    Some Go Pro from Cal City to Randsburg

    Agreed, the band was awesome. I was referring to the audience.
  4. desert rat 2

    Some Go Pro from Cal City to Randsburg

    Too funny Wayne. I had to go look at my old ticket stubs to see when I saw them. It was June 20, 1999 at the Maritime Hall in SF. They headlined over Soulfly and Spineshank. It was one of the strangest concerts I have ever been to. The crowd was half hard-core metal heads and half skinny white kids dressed in black leotards (just like the old SNL skit Sprockets). One thing for sure, the two audiences didn't mix well. The girlie men had a hard time dealing with the mosh pit. Ah, those were the days.......
  5. desert rat 2

    Make way for clean energy!!!

    I have been actively fighting wind and solar projects for the past few years and the truth is that the whole high desert is at risk. The sad thing is that much of this is driven by large power companies looking for tax breaks. The .gov gives huge incentives to build new wind and solar plants, but there is no incentive for companies to replace the aging and non-functional units that already litter the landscape in Mojave, Palm Springs and Altamont Pass. Just drive through those areas and you will see hundreds of old, worn out, and non functioning wind machines, that will sit there for eternity...... The other side of the equation is the need for additional power transmission lines, which will close even more land to OHV use. There is a group out in Yucca Valley called the Alliance for Responsible Energy that is fighting this as well. They are local citizens that have banded together to fight the building of additional power lines, and they are huge proponents of local solar and wind power. Just think of all of the huge rooftops in the LA basin. How many acres of solar panels could be put on top of those buildings? Way more than what is being proposed in the desert. And to top it off, that energy wouldn't have to be transported for miles and miles, with a huge loss ini transmission. Of course, that's just common sense.............not that the .gov ever had any......
  6. desert rat 2

    What is the MPG's of a stock CRF450X?

    35-40 MPG riding fast desert with open airbox and proper jetting/mods on 07X.
  7. desert rat 2

    Legislative Push to End California Gold Rush

    I am completely embroiled in this one too. There is a completely BS scientific opinion in the state report that has been contradicted by every other published scientific study, and this subject has been studied multiple times. It's a complete hatchet job by environmental groups. Once again I find myself fighting for my right to recreate on public lands. I agree with the earlier post that we should work towards combining efforts and consolidating groups that are fighting for our rights. There are at least two new groups that have been borne out of this current dredging crisis. Lots of good, knowledgeable folks putting up a good fight. Makes one wonder how we would do if these groups joined forces......
  8. desert rat 2

    People watch your trailer batteries mine got stolen!!!!

    Precious metals content in the cat converters is what makes them valuable as scrap. Scrap yards have been hammered in SoCal over their purchasing of stolen property, but it still seems to be happening every day. Sounds like it's time for the law to step up their game again where it comes to recycling facilities...... Two years ago it was cat converters and AC condensers outside of homes. There was also a group that was drilling into gas tanks from the bottom of the vehicle and stealing gas that way. Real bummer for the person getting stolen from, having to replace a fuel tank so that some tweaker can get to their next score.......
  9. desert rat 2

    Another stupid question for the Dez experts here

    Wayne, My local K Mart carries the EZ Up brand and they have had some pretty good sale prices recently. Mike
  10. desert rat 2

    Green sticker funds being used at sawtooth-JV

    Yep, I had forgotten about that. A local high school kid was shot and killed at a party out there a couple of years ago. That definitely put a spotlight on the area, at least at night. The no green sticker signs must be new. None of this route used to be signed. In fact, other than trail number markers in the Ords, there were really no signs out there at all. Most of the OHV traffic out there comes across the Ords from JV and then beelines down towards the SlashX a ways before 247 and never even gets close to the Sawtooths. We have a couple of epic trails that end up out there, but pretty much stay within the boundary, although we used to often use the camping area as a halfway point, and have had several wounded bikes picked up there over the years. There was also mention of a utility road out there, which is not really a road. If you get up into the Sawtooths, you can see a cut up through the bedrock where the utility was buried. It is not a road and is not passable. It is in the SW corner of the camping area. There is a trail that goes up to the top of the ridge in a small cut, but it doesn't continue down the other side to LV Cutoff. In fact, I don't know of any trails that run from the LV Cutoff north to that ridge. There is a trail up to the ridge, but it comes off of Stoddard Wells very close to the intersection of LV Cutoff. And even that trail only goes a little ways to the east and drops back down to the valley to the north in short order. There are a couple of old mining/homesteading roads that lead from LV Cutoff into canyons on the south side of this ridge, but none go through. In the Ords, on the other hand, there a bunch of trails that go up, over and through the hills. Many of these are signed, numbered trails. I think the bigger trick to this area is staging, which would be the real loss if Sawtooths are off limits. If somebody was wanting to explore the Ords, Sawtooth is the best place to stage in that it is a relatively safe place to leave a vehicle. Staging on the east side of 247 would be a lot more risk.
  11. desert rat 2

    Green sticker funds being used at sawtooth-JV

    Just to clarify, the Sawtooth area has always been limited use, or at least since the designations went into effect many years ago. The boundary of the Open Area hasn't changed, and no land from the Stoddard Valley Open Area has been lost. That said, I am in agreement with everyone that the Sawtooth area has been used by OHV for years, and for the most part has been used by respectable OHV users who haven't damaged the trails there. There is one other large user group that uses the area regularly, and that is the rock climbing folks. Sawtooth is legendary in rock climbing circles. It is often called New Jack City by the climbers. If you get out there on the right weekend, you will see hundreds of people climbing on the rocks. I believe the WEMO route is the official Stoddard Valley to JV connector, which was fought for back in the early WEMO days. Originally racing organizations wanted a way to connect the two areas for long races, but we ended up with just a non-competition connector route. The way the construction schedule happened so quickly after the comment period makes me wonder if perhaps someone's brother-in-law needed some concrete work or something. It always strikes me as fishy when these types of deals happen this fast.....
  12. desert rat 2

    Marines Johnson Valley DEIS is Flawed

    I made quite a few comments the first time around, and after reviewing the DEIS, I am in agreement that the Marine's/BLM did not adequately address the comments from the first round. I have already included this in my latest round of comments, citing specific areas in the DEIS where earlier comments have not been addressed. Hopefully some of you will take the time to do the same. The feds are trying to shove this decision down our throats, and so far I believe that the public comment portions have been nothing more than a dog and pony show...... We have to keep fighting and get more organized.
  13. desert rat 2

    McKeon's No Better Than Boxer

    McKeon is as useless as any politician ever was. He bows to special interests and doesn't hesitate to screw the people he is supposed to be representing. The people of his district need to wake up and pay attention........ And yes, he voted in favor of the Omnibus Lands Act, which created a whole bunch more Wilderness and screwed us all over once again. He is Boxer's puppet.
  14. desert rat 2

    Need a battery for DRZ400 for this weekend

    chaparral has good prices on batteries and has pretty much everything in stock.