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  1. Gigerchild

    Dealers and Jetting

    Hi Give Halls cycles a call 3801 N. Dirksen Parkway Springfield, IL 62707 (217)789-0107 (217)789-7408 Fax They sent me jets and a #4 slide to Australia no problem and i got it in like 8 days. They knew exactly that i was talking about not like my local dealer oh and it was cheaper! LL
  2. Gigerchild

    wr mud flap

    Hi I glued, with high strength epoxy a piece of nylon where it rubs. I had to heat it to make it bend. It works well, I will post a photo. LL
  3. Gigerchild

    06 WR 250 Swing Arm

    Ya I am a dumb ass had the hats on the outside, should be on the inside doo! LL
  4. Gigerchild

    06 WR 250 Swing Arm

    Hi I pulled out my swing arm and linkages to lubricate them. But now I am having lots of trouble re fitting the swing arm, it appears to be quite a tight fit what is the easiest way to re fit it?? I used belray grease should i have used anti-seize? Thanks in advance.... LL
  5. Gigerchild

    Aussie 06 WR450 Free Mods

    Hi Thanks I thought it would'nt be as bunged up as a US model. We all ready removed the exhaust tip. We just got to fix up the air box and re jet then. It would be good to know what jetting other OZ 06 WR 450 owners are running including needle. Thanks LL
  6. Gigerchild

    Aussie 06 WR450 Free Mods

    Hi What are all the free mods just to check that I have got it right:confused: 1) Grey Wire 2) cut throttle block 3) Remove exhaust tip 4) open air box 5) re jet 48pj 168mj For a Australian delivered 06 WR450 As I got to fix up my mates WR 450 this weekend PS: any riders from Melbourne that ride West Wombats, Ballarat ect LL
  7. Gigerchild

    Not liking my wr450

    Hi Or sell it and get a 2 Stroke...!! LL
  8. Gigerchild

    09 Two stroke ?

    Hi I hope they do a revamp of the WR in 09 I am holding off updating my 06 as I am wating to see if they will make any changes. Not looking for any thing drasitc like injection, I want them to dump some weight and install a real Wide Ratio 6 speed box. I looked at a GasGas EC300 the other day and was impressed, 6 speed too!!.... LL
  9. Gigerchild

    06 WR450 Jetting

    Hi Its an Australian bike will it have AIS?
  10. Gigerchild

    06 WR450 Jetting

    Hi My mate has got a 06 WR450 And his dealership left all the restrictors in (and loose bolts) after he payed $600 dealer delivery fee!! We have removed all the restrictors (we hope) and now we will have to re jet..?? Does anybody know what the jetting specs are with all the restrictors removed ( air box exhaust and exhaust tip). As another Yamaha dealer wants $180 to re jet the bike, so I said I will have a crack at it..... P.S. Dont go to City Yamaha in Melbourne....And if you did check your bike!! LL
  11. Gigerchild

    Checking Float Level 06 WR250

    HI Was a Typo 390 main, and that bike was set up by me dealer he did not check the float level,they mainly sell Husqvarna power equipment and are looking for a bike mechanic so I will let them off.... LL
  12. Gigerchild

    Checking Float Level 06 WR250

    Hi just got back from a ride. And no fouled plugs, the plug is nice and brown, and the bike rips!!! My float level was way out...... I have a FMF gnarly pipe that I would like to put on, would I have to change jetting? Generally would you go richer or leaner with jetting for an aftermarket pipe?? #4 slide PJ:27.5 Main:390 Needle:60 3rd clip Thanks L
  13. Gigerchild

    What Oil and Ratio

    Hi I use maxima 927 06 WR250 @ 40:1 Maxima 927 helps protect bearings from rust, I only get to ride twice a month. full synth oils promote crank corrosion. Silkoline comp 2 is another good oil has something on the back about corrosion protection for intermitant use. And that castor smell you will love it...
  14. Gigerchild

    TMX38 jetting-Sticky? "post here!

    *****Float level**** My float level was way out no wonder my bike was so rich!! This Photos in this article where very helpful Husky TMX 38 is 18-22mm. Target 20mm. From base to top of float. More info on adjustment (not Mikuni, PWK but theory the same) http://ffracing.proboards106.com/ind...d=115922 6893
  15. Gigerchild

    Checking Float Level 06 WR250

    Hi Thanks photos helped. I did the float level with the carby flat I will re-do it with 45 angle and measure it... !!Thanks..... LL