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  1. MattyH

    Goin YZ...Do you know about the

    i went yz on my 04 450, hotcams kick ass, new exhaust, jetting (done with a dyno so its pretty spot on) and i went to town on the airbox. the holes i cut in the covers are about 8-9sq inches in area. there are 2 holes with part of the cover remaining in the form of a strip to allow my boot to slide across it and not kick holes in the mesh that was pop riveted in the holes to keep the large rocks and small children out
  2. MattyH


    reading everbodys posts the hp numbers change considerably. where are you measuring the hp and on what machine? cos the 04 450 is claimed by yamaha to make 50 horses but its at the CRANK not the treads
  3. MattyH

    450exc vs wr450

    i got a m8 with an '04 525 (redesigned cams, an exhaust mod and some other stuff)and my 450 (with hotcams, headwork, kibblewhite full valve kit, barrett header, fmf powercore iv can, big holes in the airbox, a unifilter, 0w-40 full synthetic oil, and 98octane premium) just out runs it but not by much. it just depends on how much cash you're willing to part with. the one thing i found was that the jetting was up to shit out of the box so i had it jetted on a dyno, from memory i think it lost 3 jet sizes on the main and the rest was pretty right. oh and if your 450exc is jetted right with a slight mod to the exhaust tip it'll outrun the 525 too
  4. MattyH

    Looking for a better rear tire

    metzeler mc6 rear and a mc5 front are the tyre combo i run and i get decent life and good grip out of them, i have heard that the pirelli mt32 fr/rr are awesome tho too
  5. MattyH

    Replacing cam chain with outo-d cam?

    the only way to get the cam chain tensioner/guides (the guides have steel locating pins moulded into them too) out is to remove the head. though the cam chain can be replaced without removing these guides, i've seen it done but i'm not exactly sure how its done and from what i can recall its kinda fiddly but do-able. you'll also have to re-adjust the cam chain tensioner.
  6. MattyH

    cam timing question

    the service manual should provide the key to unlock the mysteries of the dog, sun, moon and blender. or just walk into your local yamaha dealers showroom and do a cam installation dance which is rather like a rain dance but can ultimately be life threatening if you and your spectators arent wearing helmets at the time.
  7. MattyH

    yz400f flywheel on a wr400f?

    the timing wont change, but the yzf flywheel is lighter so all you're doing is lightening the flywheel. the effect this would have is that the bike will rev faster but they will also drop off faster too which may make climbing snotty hills a little more difficult as it will lose momentum faster
  8. MattyH

    there huge!!

    what are the dimensions of the tyre? its probably more an issue of tread height than anything else cos they can fit motard tyres in the standard swingarms unless its truly a rediculously big tyre
  9. MattyH

    yzf/WR electronics

    use the wr stator cover and you should be right as far as stator changes go
  10. MattyH

    05 Wr450 chain slap

    gregwr450f suggestion about the rubber is a good idea, it is also a little easier to accomplish if you cut holes for the slider mount bolts as this helps anchor the rubber in position witht the adhesive
  11. MattyH

    I have a IDEA

    u mean like the bar clamp on the magura units that KTMs use?
  12. just as everyone else has said the choice is really yours and either wya you'll be stoked with your new bike. all i can really add is that the WR250 is another half as much power and the 450 is damn near double. just pick one and ride the wheels off it!!
  13. MattyH

    looking for new/used head pipe 03 WR 450

    the 05 header should work unless they have shortened it, in any case nevadaoutlaw has the can too, so the onlt sticking point would be the bolt hole locations on the muffler. i have an 04 header that i'm trying to sell too, but the 05 stock exhaust is a lot closer to the yzf one so i'd suggest getting that cos its a better exhaust. as for the radiator, on the inner face that bolts up to the frame of the bike there should be a denso part number, and get your local radiator store to price it up for you, it'll be identical to the oem one and cheaper too(a lesson i learned after crushing both radiators on my 03 250F)
  14. MattyH

    1999 WR400 cylinedr head help

    the cylinder head casting only experienced minor changes in the steps from 400-426-450, the casting only lost the fore and aft bolts and the manual decomp was plugged off (the casting for the manual decomp is still present on my 450 head). the difference between the different year models of the 400 head i imagine as you suspect are simply superceding part numbers. the valve dimensions, and lengths are unchanged between the years to the best of my knowledge. It would still pay to compare as best you can by sight the external bolt locations between the heads of all 3 years that are in question in case there have been other changes.
  15. MattyH

    WR400 vent hose oil leak

    had a similar problem with oil from the valve cover breather on my 04 450 subsequently freaked out and consulted my mechanic who informed me that if you drop the bike on the cam chain tunnel side oil can flow up the cam chain tunnel and trap excess oil in the head, the length of time the bike spends on its side also affects how much oil transfer occurs. the result is the oil that hasnt been drawn back into the oil system gets spat out the breather.