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  1. Raider9170

    blunders goof ups

    The one I have done like 3 times (sometimes you just don't learn) is putting that damn slide plate in upside down after having the carb out..... Bike spits, sputters, pops, bangs and I feel the urge to kick myself right in the taint, lol
  2. Raider9170

    Anyone running a Unifilter here?

    Most of the time ditching the airbox is no HP gain at all and just makes the bike a pain in the @$$ to jet correctly.
  3. Raider9170

    02" 426 tard

    Oh for a track only bike it is WAYYYYY easier!! Most people don't lower them because you end up getting into chassis geometry stuff and can really ruin the handling. Is it going to be roadrace only?
  4. Raider9170

    02" 426 tard

    An old picture of my stunt piece. Handbrake, stunt pegs, etc. I will get a newer pic with the new full system, footbar/twelvebar and taillight setup when Iget back from XDL and MotoGP
  5. Raider9170

    02" 426 tard

    I just answered a PM on this subject so I will just forward the message. Hello! You have definitely made the right choice on doing this conversion. As soo nas you are done you will never look back. It is an absolute riot!! As far as a parts list and stuff lets see what we can do for ya: Headlight: There are tons and tons of these enduro style lights out there. I personally prefer to do the research and find one that is DOT legal. Most of what's out there isn't and that isn't a headache you want later on. I believe mine is the Acerbis Ohio Legal one. Taillight/Brake light: Again there is a ton of them out there. Mine is a SUPER SMALL acerbis one. It's like 6 LEDs. Stator: You have a few options here. You can convert to the WR flywheel/stator which works great or do it the budget way like I did and just buy the Moose 50W lighting stator for it. It doesn't give a ton of power at idle but who really cares. I turn my idle up at night to keep them a good glow. Wiring: Go with the Moose wiring harness kit. It will give you all the wiring and switch stuff you need to wire in Headlight/Taillight/Brake lights. Wheels: Strip down your stock dirt wheels, clean up the hubs and use those. Then call Buchanan for the custom spokes and order just a set of Excel 36 spoke rims. Then just use the custom spokes to lace the hoops to your stock hubs (it will save you like $600) Brakes: Just pick up any good SM brake setup. I run EBC but will be upgrading soon. (if you can swing it go with like a BRAKING or Motomaster setup to start) Misc: I run a trailtech vapor for my speedo/temp/rpm duties. Check your state's laws about blinkers, we don't need them here so I didn't bother with that headache. For a horn I just put a little bicycle squeeze horn on the bars to pass inspection. For mirrors there are TONS of options. I don't run one because they are pointless and in the way. If you have any other questions or part numbers just let me know!!
  6. Raider9170

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    I love that, great job. That black and red looks mean
  7. Raider9170

    free/cheap suspension mods for yz450f?

    Without changing spring and stuff you can try to use the adjusters to stiffen it up. Also, depending on what kind of riding you do, you can get into them and put a spacer in the cartridge to lower it
  8. Raider9170

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    If you use photobucket all you do is click on the line in album and it will automatically pop up and say "Copied" then you just paste that address
  9. Raider9170

    wheelies on a DRZ possible?

    There is like 4 pages of power wheelie debate.... lol. Anyone who actually rides wheelies out or stunts at all will tell you that that is the worst and most unsafe way to ride a wheelie. By the time the front comes up the bike is screaming through rpm and really high in the power. Why not clutch it up so the front wheel goes right up to where you want it and you are at a low rpm where you have a lot more motor to use and you're not chasing it trying to shift? Good wheelies can be done in second and never have to shift or spin the bike to 23052360 rpm
  10. Raider9170

    Baja Designes kit help!!!!

    Electrosport has a lot of issues with their stators. I just went through three trying to get a good one for a customers RMZ450 and they were all the exact same.... junk. I have one in my bike and love it but they get lots of bad batches... You need to check peak voltage output of the stator. Chances are if you throw the stock stator back in it will fire right up
  11. Raider9170

    stunting with a supermoto???

    If you look around there is quite a few of us.
  12. Raider9170

    shifting while in a wheelie?

    Yea, I definitely use my clutch a little too. I don't pull it all the way in just slip it in a tad to lighten the load on the clutch. Works perfect for me
  13. Raider9170

    what would you do ....

    CR500 ALLLLLLLL the way. The 450 will be way more tractable and stuff on the track but what is more fun than a 500 smoker?? Especially on the street, it's pure insanity. That is actually the next bike I will build
  14. Raider9170

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    I love the gold wheels on there
  15. Buy the "tootsie roll" type jb weld and do it up!. I did it to mine and it has never leaked a drop of oil. If the clutch arm stil moves smoothly clean the area up really well, mash the jb weld up and CAREFULLY press it in to fill the gap. Works PERFECTLY and is $5 and not $1200 and weeks of time