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  1. skinindustries5

    Break In Procedure

    hmmm....interesting....i think the race this weekend in mesquite will be perfect then! haha.....thanx guys!
  2. skinindustries5

    Break In Procedure

    Hey all, BEFORE you jump down my throat and beat me down, I've tried to use the search feature but it's been down all day today! So there. Anyways, back to the subject....Just got a new piston and ring, and got my valves re-shimmed......What do you guys think a good break in procedure is for this? Or....What do you guys do to break in your bikes?
  3. skinindustries5

    energy drinks after supercross

    They're drinking the water out of the bottles, because they just got off the damn bike for 20 laps.....Chud, you'd probably be sucking air and chugging water down when they went to interview you after 20 laps of running their pace....Cut 'em some slack, afterall sure they may have a sip before questions, but they always make time to answer questions.....And they take one last drink before the camera cuts away and point to their can/sponsor....How's that rude????
  4. skinindustries5

    Toy Hauler Tips & Tricks

    We usually have the refer running on propane when we travel to far away races....If it's a close race (1-2 hours) we usually don't, the fridge should stay cool. This last year, we had 3, yes THREE blow outs on our trailer...No, not cuz we were too heavy, but Goodyear Duro's are some shitty tires. But, it pays to have a spare, that and the tools to swap one out comes in handy! Should you ever get a blow out, everyone makes the mistake of stabbing at the brakes in the truck....Despite your first reaction, reach down and manually brake the trailer with the controller rather than your truck to keep in control. It's hard, but after the 2nd one we got used to it! Lol. Oh, and here's a trick me and my dad made up ourselves. When you get to your spot and you're putting down jacks.....Lower the tongue fairly low, the lower the rear jacks but don't have the jacks touching the ground or blocks, but close. Raise the tongue to put weight on the rear jacks and keep raising til you're above level in the front. Bring the jacks down in the front, and then lower the tongue, and voilla! You have a level trailer, and you didn't have to break your back or get a hernia trying to raise the trailer 4 different times with jacks!!!
  5. skinindustries5

    kewl graphic kits

    Does anyone know/have any good graphics for their Yammies???? I don't want the old factory looking ones...I know I'm picky, but it seems as if all the graphics companies leave Yamaha out on all the trick ass graphics, almost like Honda gets all the good ones. They've got the Subway Coca-Cola, Motosport Outlet, Sobe Samsung, etc. One Industries and Factory Effex only remakes the oem graphics but have a twist. Other than Lucas Oil and Yamaha of Troy, are there any other teams that have graphic kits? Or any other graphic companies that have some sik designs? Also, if you have some, post pics...Those always help.
  6. skinindustries5

    Pulling Subframe on an 04

    ALAS! I finally got it off! That thing was a pain in the ass...I was soo scared of rounding one of those damn heads...I busted out the heat gun, and did the razor blade trick...Good thing I did, cuz sure enough when I pulled 'em off, there was some paint on the back of those bolt heads! Thanx for the help and tips guys, I appreciate it! P.S. Only bad thing is, is when I swung the sub-frame up to pull my spring, I cracked the right side of the air box....Where those two rivets are that hold the right side into the front of it together...Yeah, broke in clean off. So, that's the only down fall of that...But win some, lose some...Right????
  7. skinindustries5

    Pulling Subframe on an 04

    Hey guys...As I'm tryin to pull my spring to get my suspension done, I'm pullin out my subframe to get to it, riight??? Anyways, the allens I used are fairly short, and nearly rounded the bolts ....I'm not going to dare force 'em, as I already know if I round these bad boys, there's no way in hell to get 'em out ....Does anybody know what size these bolts are, as far as what allen to use? Any tricks? Lol. Thanx guys.
  8. skinindustries5

    Insulated Coolant Lines

    Alright, I've done the search on insulated coolant lines....And I can't find squat....I can't find anywhere on here, or the internet on where to buy them....Yet when I go to the track at races, I see 'em everywhere....Where do you get 'em at?
  9. skinindustries5

    Top End Maintenance

    As the weather is getting better, and the tracks are getting groomed, racing season is upon us. I'm starting to get ready, and am planning on doing some work to the motor. I've got an '04 YZ250F, with quite a few hours on it....Last year, I did about 10-15 races, with quite a bit of practice on it. I have no clue on about how many hours I've put on the motor, but am curious as to what are some general guidelines for maintenance, and life-expectancy on various parts. Such as, how many hours should you go before replacing the piston, ring, valves, valve springs, etc. Any help would be much appreciated. Oh, and I know everyone tells everyone else that before posting a thread, that you should go search. Well, I did, and no such luck. Thanx again....
  10. skinindustries5

    '06 250F Issues/Blowin Up

    I've been hearing about a lot of issues with the '06 KXF 250. Something about the valves, or something....I dunno. Im kinda curious....gotta buddy of mine that just barely bought one, and he's a lil concerned....Anybody know of issues that are apparent with this bike, and/or fixes for these?
  11. skinindustries5

    blue coolant lines

    that's what he means....there's one line runs right next to the cylinder, and right next to the pipe. that line's gotta be hot as hell....
  12. skinindustries5

    blue coolant lines

    alright....ride on...i see....where do you get em?
  13. skinindustries5

    blue coolant lines

    Hey everybody, I've been noticing around the race track that people are starting to run blue or orange bumpy coolant lines. Anyone heard or know of anything about this? I'm kinda curious to see if they're actually performance enhancing, or just for looks. Either way, it'd be kinda cool to know where to get 'em... Thx
  14. skinindustries5

    Vortex Ignition vs. Other Mods

    Alright, well, I can't do any of the mods, as they apply to the WR's, not my YZF. Hot cams sounds like a good idea, and everyone has been telling me about them. Do they make THAT MUCH of a difference? How hard are they to put in yourself? Any articles/forums/posts on how to do one? As for a 280 kit.....I'd be pulling holeshot after holeshot, and they'd have to inspect my bike...We had a guy in the Intermediate class running one...every moto, he'd holeshot by a mile...So officials inspected his bike...Sure enough, it was a 280, it was a nice try though...I keep on hearing from everyone that this vortex ignition is the shit though, and that it's the most bang for the buck. I also read that a test rider was riding a completely stock bike with a vortex, and thought it was all modded out with factory parts and stuff.....
  15. skinindustries5

    Vortex Ignition vs. Other Mods

    Well, lets just put it this way....I've got a few races left in the year...And I don't have too much dough to put to waste. I just got off the phone with Pro-Action and they will do my suspension for $725....that includes re-valving, all new springs, everything. I do know how to handle a bike, and to tell you the truth, I can hang with the pros (here in utah) on a good day. I need more power, because my fast ass is getting passed by skinny little shits on 125s on straights and pulling out of corners. I've got a 51 tooth on the rear, so it's got plenty of torque and yank to get me out of there, I just can't think of anything else to do...(That's cheap)