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  1. 2thmperzdad

    Supercross Nate Adams????

    I read that Nate Adams was hurt during Lites practice at A-1. Does anyone know if he earned enough Pro AM points to get his license? I've never seen his name in any of the results.
  2. 2thmperzdad

    down south good 50cc track

    Check out www.ncmp.net They have several tracks, including a beginner track as well as trails to ride.
  3. 2thmperzdad

    Gout Sucks

    I have had ongoing issues with gout. February I started taking tart black cherry tablets from the vitamin store and haven't had any issues since. Best thing I have found.
  4. I was wondering the same thing. I'm originally from Warren, PA (near Maple Shade) and raced alot in D5 over the years. I was on the D5 website and read that PVR and Jeff Cernic were out of the district.
  5. 2thmperzdad

    Help choosing my AC surgery!

    don't forget the free shorts too..... Get it done right go see Dr Mark.
  6. 2thmperzdad

    Dr. Mark Allumnus

    Daughter had ACL reconstruction on Feb 25, 2008. Everything went as Dr Mark said. She worked hard did ALL the PT. She will be on the line 7:30 Tues morning for the first race of LL's 08.
  7. 2thmperzdad

    THANK YOU Dr Mark and Ed!!!!!

    Thanks!! It's been a long road and alot of hard work, but it was all worth it. She ran her area qualifier 8 weeks after surgery, and didn't ride again until this past weekend at the regional. We went ahead and got her CTI braces, if nothing else, they made her feel more confident.
  8. 2thmperzdad

    THANK YOU Dr Mark and Ed!!!!!

    You did ACL surgery on Sam February 25th. Today she qualified for Loretta Lynns. She worked hard and did all the PT asked of her and it paid off this weekend. Thank you for making it possible.
  9. 2thmperzdad

    Eastern Virginia tracks?

    Elizabeth City isn't too far from there. Here's their website www.ecmx.com
  10. 2thmperzdad

    CaptainKnobby how did the surgery go?

    glad to see you are happy with your decision. We will be at Rolling Hills this weekend. Sam is 10 weeks out this coming up Monday. If you work hard and do what they say you'll be ready to go in no time. Good luck with you recovery. Hopefully we'll meet at a Mega race soon!!!
  11. 2thmperzdad

    Dr. Mark Allumnus

    Daughter had ACL Opposite knee Patella graft same day as Racer Chaser 2.25.08. Biking, Lifting weights,running, did aerobics today. Very happy with the progress. She is counting down the days til she can get back on the bike. If you have questions feel free to ask. We flew in from NC
  12. 2thmperzdad

    Surgery with Dr Mark today.

    We traveled from NC to TX for surgery. It was worth the trip. We have a lot of great hospitals in our area (Duke and UNC). Not one of them would do the procedure that Dr Mark does. It just makes sense....have surgery, get up and walk and start PT the same day get back to a normal life as soon as possible. Or you can opt for the typical surgery be put in a brace and on crutches for 6-8 weeks then start PT. My daughter wouldn't have it any other way. If you would like any information on what to expect feel free to PM us. We'll help you out any way we can.
  13. 2thmperzdad

    Surgery with Dr Mark today.

    Things are going great. It will be 4 weeks on Monday. She is doing stairs no problems and will begin her polymetrics and weight training tomorrow. She has already been warming up for them. She is very determined and has never given up. She is counting down the days til she can ride. I just have one question for you. She has never worn knee braces. I do not want to start now. Is there anything we can do for added support when she starts riding again. Thanks again Dr. Mark and Ed!! The Farrs
  14. 2thmperzdad

    Help with broken Scaphiod

    Just go see Dr Mark he will take great care of you. We just had a acl done last week and it is truly amazing to see the progress my daughter is making. They hospital, and everyone involved take great care of you.
  15. 2thmperzdad

    Surgery with Dr Mark today.

    My daughter Samantha had ACL surgery with Dr Mark this morning. My wife just called and let me know that everything went great, and that Sam has already walked. Thanks Dr Mark!! Mike