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  1. BeauGt

    Think of selling my YZ325

    He sold the bike, won't be parting it out.
  2. BeauGt

    Think of selling my YZ325

    Looks like he sold it, someone got a smoking deal.
  3. BeauGt

    Think of selling my YZ325

    I will buy your lectron carb pm me.
  4. BeauGt

    2015 yz 2 strokes

    Putting plastics on it isn't a redesign.
  5. BeauGt

    2015 yz 2 strokes

    No way we get fuel injection, at most it will be plastics updated. I would bet money it's still the same 2005 frame. Maybe a different offset.
  6. BeauGt

    02 yz250 oil in ignition cover.

    Looks like tranny oil to me.
  7. Went to lube my clutch cable today, and I had oil in the cover hiw does this happen?
  8. I can't find who had it for sale pm me if you have one for sale!
  9. BeauGt

    Bought 07 YZ250 with eg295 kit

    I bet he traded some guy that had a cr. look on eBay jd jetting sells the carb you want.
  10. At this point are you thinking it is a faulty carb?
  11. BeauGt

    2012 YZ 250 Build

    Where did you get the blue bolts?
  12. BeauGt

    Those skinny clamps

    Rmatv sells them in the oem part section.
  13. BeauGt

    Swing arm interchange?

    I put a yz 125 swing arm on my 250.
  14. BeauGt

    Older YZ triple clamps

    I found a set on eBay from pro circuit. They were used.
  15. I have new Hinson hasn't been used. 170 shipped in the us.