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  1. Second_Rate_Rider

    wont believe what i say

    It was headed north on rt 95 (Rhode Island) at around 3:30 or so on Sunday afternoon.
  2. Second_Rate_Rider

    which holds more oxygen?

    Cold air is more dense so there's more air in a given volume therefor more oxygen in a given volume. So when it's colder your engine will pull more air in given the volume of the combustion chamber so it'll run leaner than it will on a hot day. it's not a matter holding more oxygen. The ratio of oxygen to other elements doesn't change. There's just more of everything in a given volume.
  3. Second_Rate_Rider

    throwing in the towel

    it's over the counter. Usually in the vitamin aisle. I had better luck with the Gluclosamine/chondroitin than i did with the Gluclosamine/MSM. I've used a couple of different brands and they all seemed to work. good luck btw it works great for dogs with arthritis too
  4. Second_Rate_Rider

    throwing in the towel

    You can ride all you want, Just don't expect any improvement for awhile. One other thing . . . if you stop taking it you quickly go back to where you are now and you'll have to wait a bit until it starts working again. The water comment is very good as well. Personally i find that water helps more with muscle issues than it does with joint pain (unless it's gout or rumatoid arthritis). Stretching regulary (not just before you ride) is a big help too. ps forgot to mention that glucosamine-condroitin only works for joint pain
  5. Second_Rate_Rider

    throwing in the towel

    Listen to JVT . . . i'm a bit younger but my knees are a bit of a mess. if it wasn't for glucosamine-chondroitin i couldn't ride without tons of pain. The stuff rocks. it takes awhile to start working (2-6 weeks or so) but once it does it's night and day.
  6. Second_Rate_Rider

    Best (offroad non- Motorcross)Boots?

    i respectfully disagree with this part. (btw... the boots that are cheaper than $250 or so tend to offer NO protection. One can make the arguement that expensive boots are lighter, will last longer, are better articulated, or provide an all around better fit, However the cheaper boots if properly fitted and broken in can and do provide significant protection. The materials might be somewhat cheaper but generally they'll provide decent protection against both twisting and impact. Good boots are an intelligent purchase but any proper riding boot is much better than the workboots or sneakers that some people use.
  7. Second_Rate_Rider

    Best (offroad non- Motorcross)Boots?

    I've got a pair of quadrants. They've held up pretty well and are pretty water proof (they aren't as good in this dept if you wear shin/knee protectors like i do). Of all the cheapies they're about the best.
  8. Second_Rate_Rider

    Goggles and glasses

    You might want to look at ski goggles scott, smith and others make OTG models. Ski goggles are usually double lensed and fog much much less without any products on them (the pledge idea is a good one but using nothing is always better). When i started riding i used my ski goggles instead of buying another pair, my buddy bought a new pair of scotts single lens, mine never fogged and he'd have to stop because he coudn't see. double-lensed rocks.
  9. Second_Rate_Rider

    crf230 or a ttr230

    They're pretty much the same thing . . . pick a color. Neither one is going to be much "more" of a bike than the xt. if you want somthing more potent (better engine and suspension) but tractable i'd look at a KLX 300 or a KDX 220 (or 200) or a TTR-250. The only problem that you might have is the height. Also if you want a dual sport the new KLX-250s is a real dirtbike with blinkers and the seat heigth isn't horrible.
  10. Second_Rate_Rider

    Hard starting on a brand new bike?

    about the batteries . . . usually they aren't that bad at all. either you got bad ones or they were overcharged and are junk now.
  11. Second_Rate_Rider

    Hard starting on a brand new bike?

    Iridium plugs help a bit. The starting does get better once the bikes are broken in. try this technique . . . open the fuel petcock twist the throttle all the way slowly 3 times push the start button while you slowly pull out the choke (don't touch the throttle). There's a bit of a sweet spot on the choke usually about 3/4 open. if it doesn't start and you've hit the end of the choke stop and push the choke in and try again (don't twist throttle). Let it idle for 2-3 minutes then start pushing the choke back in as much as you can without it dying. after 5 mins or so, depending on ambient temp you should be able to push the choke in and begin riding. rejeting would help but if you take a look at the plug after riding it'll probably look pretty good not like a lean plug. They also seem to like synthetic oil but you might want to get a few more miles on 'em before switching.
  12. Second_Rate_Rider

    mass orv registration

    There aren't any mechanical requirements for registration. 2 strokes are fine. Just bring your title (or mso), proof that you paid sales tax and 40 bucks and they'll hand you a plate. The only thing that i've ever heard getting checked are spark arrestors by environmental police at parking areas of state forests.
  13. Second_Rate_Rider

    Bore & Stroke - Relationship

    Ducati's aren't vtwins but they're ltwins, oversquare, rev high and have much more hp than torque
  14. In the time that I've been reading these board I've seen tons of posts about riding areas closing, ones that used to be open, and riding in slightly less than completely legal areas. Why can't we ride in those areas? Mostly because we're seen as some sort of menace. Whether it's the noise or the utter devastation unleashed on the environment when we ride down a trail (sarcasm) we're not wanted. I'll leave off all the obvious stuff (not littering, no roosting people on horseback, etc) that we should be doing and the stuff that's just going to start a loud pipes rock/loud pipes suck tread. . . What can we do? What about becoming a resource? Here's a few ideas . . . Local riding groups could offer search and rescue assistance to local law enforcement. As a group we can cover tons of ground in a search situation. With a little training, proper equipment (basic first aid stuff, gps, cell or radio) and a good call tree we could probably be pretty helpful in a lost hiker situation. What about some sort of Forest watch program? A lot of us have seen some pretty weird stuff while riding. Everything from mobile meth labs right down to someone behaving a little strange on the trail. Reporting these things to law enforcement in an organized fashion might help us out with the police and community. Power lines and Gas lines might become legal riding areas if someone could make the "We're not going to sue and if people are riding them regularly the terrorists will find it a bit harder to sabotage them" case. Anyway just a few ideas . . . Has anyone tried any of these? Are they all dumb?
  15. Second_Rate_Rider

    ORV areas in Mass?

    Freetown has 2 sides one isn't too bad but the other is pretty darn tough (lots of tight rocky stuff). If her bike is an le she'll be ok on the easier side. The environmental police tend to be at the parking area esp. early in the season on sat and sun so make sure you have plates.