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    any ideas?

    I am no mechanic, but i can tell you that if you were out riding recently it is fairly cold here in OR, indoor track maybe? I would guess that the clutch and the motor not starting are not related. I think before you get many replies you need to provide more information. People here will need to know if the bike can kick over, or is it frozen? Is there spark? What's the current compression? Probably a good idea to check the oil and see if you get any metal parts or shavings, if so you now know where to start looking. There are several things that could be wrong, i would think the clicking was some metal that broke loose somewhere and got munched by the piston. The good news is you have plenty of time as it continues to be f-ing cold here.
  2. 4StrokeOregon

    Best Sand Nobbie Tire

    Red Numbers on Black Background #686, we will have jet skis with us as well.
  3. 4StrokeOregon

    Best Sand Nobbie Tire

    Thanks all, i will give it a try.
  4. 4StrokeOregon

    Best Sand Nobbie Tire

    I am headed down to Pismo in October for the dunes race / freestyle jet ski comp, i found out you can not use a paddle tire for the race, whats the best nobbie for the sand? Oh ya, it's for a 05 CRF 450. e.
  5. 4StrokeOregon


    Not to beat a dead horse or anything, but i can tell you from personal experience boots are important. I started riding again after about a 10 year break and this year at the track i decided to whip a 40' double and land on my face, the bike smashed my foot. Nothing broken but this was 4 months ago and i am still feeling the pain. I was wearing Fox Pro Forma boots, now i have the SG-10's and they are by far the best fitting boots i have ever had. Not to mention they are bullet proof. There is a huge difference between $200 boots and $400 boots, and the $400 are worth it in every way. E.
  6. 4StrokeOregon

    SDG Step Seat

    I had the same problem with retailers trying to get an SDG tall seat they were all sold out and on backorder, then i finally got through to SDG directly and they shipped one to me in 3 days. What's wrong with this process....
  7. 4StrokeOregon

    After market slip on exhaust. Need Help

    Hands down call Dave at MRD Racing, great product and great customer service. WWW.MRD-RACING.COM
  8. 4StrokeOregon

    Coolant Leaking Problems

    Thanks, i will give it a try.
  9. 4StrokeOregon

    Coolant Leaking Problems

    Couple weeks ago i went down and bent my right radiator. I sent it off to Mylers and for very little $$$ they did a great job. I sent the radiator out on monday and got it back on friday. Got the radiator back and installed noticed that the left also had a pin-hole leak from the crash, took that to a local radiator shop and they charged me as much as Mylers for a tiny weld job. Got everything put together monday night, filled with Engine Ice coolant, tuesday at the track i noticed that i was leaking coolant, it appeared to be leaking from the coolant drain bolt, not much but enough to make me nervous. If i used the drain bolt to drain the coolant do i need to remove the pump cover and replace the gasket? Why would the drain bolt be leaking (yes it is tight)? It's only a little bit, i rode 6 practice sessions and when checking the fluid it's just a tiny bit below the neck. It was about 85 degrees out. Also my clutch went to mush, i assume the bike was running to hot? Maybe my clutch is actually starting to go. thanks.
  10. 4StrokeOregon

    Stripped Tranny Drain Bolt

    My short term fix was to thread the existing bolt all the way, now it catches fine. If it looses threads again i will split the cases and put an insert in. The reason the threads stripped is not due to over tightening, i believe it's due to the steel bolt in aluminum threads. The steel bolt collects metal shavings, then when unthreaded the steel is harder and the shavings end up ripping off some of the threads, that is why there are still some left (further out). The best solution is to just put in a steel insert when you split the cases, or if you strip the bolt then spit the cases and put the insert in. E.
  11. 4StrokeOregon

    Radiator Help

    Crashed last night and messed up my radiator. Check out the radiator braces.... Is it possible to get a radiator that is twisted back to normal? Who can do this, or would it make more sense to just purchase a new one. I thought the braces were supposed to prevent this sort of thing. It was a minor crash, got tangled with a lapped rider that decided to not hold a line and i ended up looping my bike of a small double. I landed on my feet ran to the bike and finished the race. Such a minor crash and so much damage, what would have happened without the braces? Thanks....
  12. 4StrokeOregon

    Stripped Tranny Drain Bolt

    It seems very stange to me that the hole would stip so easily. I will try a longer bolt first and see if i can catch the threads. Is this a common problems on the 05's or is it common to all mx bikes? Seems like a poor design if it strips under hand preasure. e.
  13. 4StrokeOregon

    Stripped Tranny Drain Bolt

    The other day i got home from the track and started changing the tranny fluid and engine oil, normal practice every two rides. Once both drained and bike kicked over a couple times to drain the rest of the fluid, i then put the drain bolts back in, usually hand tighten then snug up with ratchet. When i put the tranny bolt back in it was not threading smooth. Still by hand i felt it catch and threaded it about 4 turns then it just broke loose and pushed almost all the way in, about 1/4 inch out, kept turning and it would not catch the threads. I was getting really worried as i had a race the next day. Took a break, came back and hour or so later, started to hand thread, it finally caught some threads, 2 turns and it was to much for hand tight, (but not all the way in, oil would still leak) took out the ratchet and very gently tightened the bolt, but it seemed to take more pressure to tighten. If i find that the transmission threads are stripped what can you do to fix such a thing? I don't think a heli coil would work, and if i were to re-cut the threads it would end up a larger diameter? What do you do here? I did see a thread talking about the bolt threads getting messed up, but the bolt is steel, i would tend to think the aluminum got messed up before the steel? What to do next? Thanks Eric.
  14. 4StrokeOregon

    Over Jumping at Track

    Thanks for all the input... I will give some of the noted techniques a test this weekend at the track. I will report back with either great success or with some good crash stories..
  15. 4StrokeOregon

    Over Jumping at Track

    I just started racing this year 30+, i find that as i get faster and better at jumping i am now over jumping the landings. I can follow guys that are much faster, when i follow them up the jumps they seem to land smooth on the downhill, i seem to bottom out in the flats. We both approach at the same speed so what gives? How do i make the bike loose speed in the air so that i can approach fast but still land on the downhill? thanks 4StrokeOR