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  1. nimiz1

    flex handlebars

    any one tried this item on the beta? looks very interesting http://bkeracing.com/
  2. nimiz1

    fox podium rc2 spring

    i cant understand how do i now which eibach spring i need for my wight. i am about 200 lb with gear on. i think it is the 1000.188.0300 but i cant be positive.
  3. nimiz1

    fox podium rc2 spring

    i think i found it , do i need number 1000.188.0300 ? thanks
  4. nimiz1

    fox podium rc2 spring

    can you please point me to the correct page , it is a big catalog
  5. nimiz1

    fox podium rc2 spring

    hello i have the Fox podium Rc2 on my 2017 beta xtrainer i need of a different spring for my shock size 5.5 were can i find one? thanks
  6. he didnt open the forks , only tuned them with the bolts.
  7. i got back from my forks tuner and tested the bike for about 30 miles. it is now so much better and i am very pleased with it. this is my set up. the spring pre-load is open all the way in both forks. the compration bolt ( right side ) is open 4.5 turns. the rebound bolt ( left side ) is open 1 1/6 turns. this is the picture of the top of the forks , they look the same but one is for compration and one for rebound.
  8. i have tried contacting adriani directly but they told me they will not tell me anything and i need to take my kit to an Andreani center. they did not want to give me any information and they will not deal directly with private customers.
  9. it is mainly just harsh out on the trail
  10. i used the spring that came with the kit , as for oil i put 5w fork oil like the manual told to. my weight is about 200lb with gear. i opened the compresion bolt all the way and also the rebound all the way but i also tried other positions i opened the spring pre-load all the way as wall. they said that they sold over 200 kits all over the world and i was hoping somone here got one thanks
  11. do any of you has any experience with this kit? i just mounted the kit on my 2017 xtrainer and nothing i do can make it softer it is way way to hard for my riding. thanks
  12. i just mounted the kit but the instructions are bad and i need some help with adjusting them. is there any one here that mount this kit on his XTRAINER as wall?
  13. nimiz1

    2017 beta xtrainer speedometer

    i have send them an email. can i use the speedo without the battery? what is it for?
  14. nimiz1

    2017 beta xtrainer speedometer

    i have broken the rear battery cover , can i get this part any were?
  15. hello were can i get a new speedometer computer for the 2017 beta xtrainer? i now it is made by trail tech but cant find it on the web site. is there any other place to buy one? is there any bolt on speedometers that will fit the 2017? thanks