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  1. Apprazer

    Anyone in upstate new york?

    Canton, St. Lawrence County (18 miles from Canada). There are just a few places that are more Upstate than me!
  2. Apprazer

    Spark Plug Wrench

    Yeah, I tried all socket I had in my tool box and found only a thin walled socket like the one in the KLR tool kit works. Thanks anyway.
  3. Apprazer

    Spark Plug Wrench KLR 650

  4. Apprazer

    Spark Plug Wrench KLR 650

    A buddy of mine is looking for a spark plug wrench that fits from the KLR tool kit. He has a 95 KTM and it takes the same wrench the KLR does. Anyone with one for sale? or a whole tool kit?
  5. I'm looking for a spark plug wrench. Regulal sockets will not fit around the spark plug on a '95 LC4. Any ideas where to buy?? I know the wrench out of a KLR650 kit will work too.
  6. Apprazer

    Air Box Modification KLR 650

    Thanks. I think I will not modify it and keep riding like I do. I weigh about 225 and have not made any modifications and the bike seems to move along just fine as it is. The only thing I have done is put hand warmers on it. I am in Northern New York (near Canada) and just waiting for the snow to go away!!
  7. Apprazer

    DR 650 vs KLR 650

    I put 6500 miles on my bike last year. I followed the factory recommended break in on the sticker and have not had a bit of bad luck. It is a great bike. The original tires did wear pretty fast though.
  8. Has anyone here modified their airbox in their KLR 650? I saw a detail on-line once and I cannot find it now. They drilled larger holes with a hole saw and they had a good detail of it. I would like to try it.
  9. Does anyone know where to go for parts for an LC4 620 RXC? Looking for a speedo cable and spark plug wrench.
  10. Apprazer

    DR 650 vs KLR 650

    I have an 05 KLR. Last winter before I bought the KLR, I did a lot of research like you are doing. 1) I decided I wanted the larger fuel tank on the KLR. I rode in Colorado last summer with a friend who has a KTM 6 days 620. He had to carry extra gas in a can and found that to be a pain, especially where there are not many fuel stations. There were some days, we did not make it to our destination because he ran short on fuel and had to turn around. 2) More comfortable seat. At the end of the day, he was saddle sore too!! 3) More accessory options. totallywiredcycles.com klr650.com - just to name a few. 4) I also like the Liquid cooled motor in the KLR versus the air cooled DR. I never have a problem with overheating. The DR is definitely more dirt friendly than the KLR. I found if you ride mostly on hardtop and occasionally on dirt, the KLR is the bike for you. If you want more dirt riding than hardtop, the DR is the choice. I rode 8000 miles last year and found this bike to be a great all around bike!!
  11. Apprazer

    KLR650 newbie

    I have a 2005 KLR 650 and I have the same rattle you are talking about. I found that the clutch lever rattles slightly and makes a noise. I have not found a solution to the problem yet but I will let you know as soon as I do.