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  1. ride_race_live

    performance CDI black box

    i have bought a few for my bikes they worked wonders, but dont blame me if you dont get the results your looking for, hey give it a shot!
  2. ride_race_live

    Crf80 Sprocket question

    it will change the gearing from a 3.29 to a 3.62 you will notice the change right away
  3. ride_race_live

    Air Filter

    i bought a k&n air filter for my xr100 as soon as i put it on i felt the throttle response get better, plus their lighter, filter better, and are a good well known filter.
  4. ride_race_live

    does anyone elses 06 crf 250 bog

    you can help fix the bog a little by adjusting your air screw
  5. ride_race_live

    popping when giving throttle

    http://www.transworldmotocross.com/mx/how_to/article/0,13190,1018579,00.html this should help!
  6. ride_race_live

    sparkplug reading - jetting issues

    Buy yourself a Ricks hot shot Rev box off of dennis kirk helps tons!
  7. ride_race_live

    Jumping an XR100

    i have a '99 xr100 and due to the primitive design on the suspension linkage ratio these bikes take alot of abuse, not a whole lot you can do, works rear shock (expensive) and Cr80 front forks, what i did to mine is took off the linkage knock out the junk metal bushings, while me and my dad my a custom set out of industrial purpose nylon (work in a machine shop) which really gave the bike a whole new feel (stiff at the top and plush when jumped) after a hard summer of jumping it wore down and is not as tight but still works great, if you decide to do this there are 2 things you need to know, grease the bolts with a good moly heavy duty grease and replace the bolts if cammed or bent. (this little mod was basically free!)