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  1. Nevermind, I called the local dealer... They said it happens more than you'd think. They told me to bring it in and have it recharged for $9.50. Thanks anyways all. I really do love these forums.
  2. I just installed a stiffer rear spring over the shock on my wife's bike. In the process, I disconnected the remote reservoir and some oil leaked out (not certain how many cc's). Did I completely screw the pooch? Can I drain it and add new?
  3. Hey all. First off, YES, I have read the previous posts (and used the search function...don't want to be THAT guy). Anyway, here's my dilemma.... I currently have a 2004 XR250R that I bought last year off the showroom floor. I have put about 20 hours and 250 miles on it. I change the oil every 100 miles, and clean the UNI after every 2 rides. I am a somewhat aggressive rider... no racing or acrobatics. I do not bounce my XR off the rev limiter. Riding mix consists of 80% single track/ATV track and 20% fire/dirt roads. As an ex-mountain bike racer type, I like the single track technical stuff. About a week ago I went into the dealer that I got my XR from. He said with hunting season approaching, he could get rid of the XR for me pretty easily. Then he started talking trade-in for a 250X, stating he'd give me $2800-3000 for it. He then told me he'd give me a 2006 250X for $5600. After all of the reading up on the 04-05 250X's, I am somewhat concerned about the maintenance. I am no grease monkey, but wouldn't mind learning to wrench on a bike. However, I haven't seen anyone w/ a 2006 X that has complained of valve issues. I would like a little more in the throttle response and suspension arena, while still having a great trail bike. Does the 250X fit the bill, and does it seem like a good deal?
  4. I have a new 04 XR250R. I am 5'11, 180 lbs, 31" inseam. I have checked my sag (think I did it right), and came up with the following numbers: Bike on stand -> 596.9 mm Under load (sitting on bike) -> 506.4125 mm Bike free-standing -> 561.975 mm If I calculated correctly, my numbers are as follows: Static sag: 34.925 mm Rider sag: 90.4875 mm From what I have read, I fall just about right within specs. What do you think?
  5. Turn 30 on Monday. ~185lb, 5'11. Guess I should have qualified "barely". I can straddle the seat and tip toe with both feet. Makes it a real B to kick the bike over. Usually jump off to the right side to start.
  6. I have a 31" inseam. Haven't taken any classes. Shifting to one side makes sense (that is pretty much what I have been doing). If I were to loosen up the rear susp, how do I do it? (Getting ready to search the forum. Noob to bikes, not forums)
  7. Any pics of shaving the seat foam down? Hate to mess it up, if you know what I mean.
  8. Hey everyone. First off, great fourm. I just picked up a new 04 XR250R last night (and I am jacked). This is my first bike. My question is..... When I sit on the bike, I can just **BARELY** touch the ground. This makes for some hard starting (as if it isn't hard enough...learned a couple of tricks from this forum though). I am just concerned that when I take it out on the trails, I might not be able to catch myself properly. Am I over-exagerating?