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  1. deccher

    TTR125LE Rear Shock Oil Question

    Nevermind, I called the local dealer... They said it happens more than you'd think. They told me to bring it in and have it recharged for $9.50. Thanks anyways all. I really do love these forums.
  2. deccher

    TTR125LE Rear Shock Oil Question

    I just installed a stiffer rear spring over the shock on my wife's bike. In the process, I disconnected the remote reservoir and some oil leaked out (not certain how many cc's). Did I completely screw the pooch? Can I drain it and add new?
  3. deccher

    Little advice. XR250 --> 250X

    Hey all. First off, YES, I have read the previous posts (and used the search function...don't want to be THAT guy). Anyway, here's my dilemma.... I currently have a 2004 XR250R that I bought last year off the showroom floor. I have put about 20 hours and 250 miles on it. I change the oil every 100 miles, and clean the UNI after every 2 rides. I am a somewhat aggressive rider... no racing or acrobatics. I do not bounce my XR off the rev limiter. Riding mix consists of 80% single track/ATV track and 20% fire/dirt roads. As an ex-mountain bike racer type, I like the single track technical stuff. About a week ago I went into the dealer that I got my XR from. He said with hunting season approaching, he could get rid of the XR for me pretty easily. Then he started talking trade-in for a 250X, stating he'd give me $2800-3000 for it. He then told me he'd give me a 2006 250X for $5600. After all of the reading up on the 04-05 250X's, I am somewhat concerned about the maintenance. I am no grease monkey, but wouldn't mind learning to wrench on a bike. However, I haven't seen anyone w/ a 2006 X that has complained of valve issues. I would like a little more in the throttle response and suspension arena, while still having a great trail bike. Does the 250X fit the bill, and does it seem like a good deal?
  4. deccher

    Sag correct?

    I have a new 04 XR250R. I am 5'11, 180 lbs, 31" inseam. I have checked my sag (think I did it right), and came up with the following numbers: Bike on stand -> 596.9 mm Under load (sitting on bike) -> 506.4125 mm Bike free-standing -> 561.975 mm If I calculated correctly, my numbers are as follows: Static sag: 34.925 mm Rider sag: 90.4875 mm From what I have read, I fall just about right within specs. What do you think?
  5. deccher

    Bike too tall? (NOOB)

    Turn 30 on Monday. ~185lb, 5'11. Guess I should have qualified "barely". I can straddle the seat and tip toe with both feet. Makes it a real B to kick the bike over. Usually jump off to the right side to start.
  6. deccher

    Bike too tall? (NOOB)

    I have a 31" inseam. Haven't taken any classes. Shifting to one side makes sense (that is pretty much what I have been doing). If I were to loosen up the rear susp, how do I do it? (Getting ready to search the forum. Noob to bikes, not forums)
  7. deccher

    Bike too tall? (NOOB)

    Any pics of shaving the seat foam down? Hate to mess it up, if you know what I mean.
  8. deccher

    Bike too tall? (NOOB)

    Hey everyone. First off, great fourm. I just picked up a new 04 XR250R last night (and I am jacked). This is my first bike. My question is..... When I sit on the bike, I can just **BARELY** touch the ground. This makes for some hard starting (as if it isn't hard enough...learned a couple of tricks from this forum though). I am just concerned that when I take it out on the trails, I might not be able to catch myself properly. Am I over-exagerating?