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  1. 450duner

    Best rear tire to get?

    millevilles are great for about 5 minutes then they are gone. starcross and shinkos are the way to go! i picked up a starcross for $18
  2. 450duner

    Tall rider needs help spending money....

    go to a bycyle shop and get tall bmx bars. thats what i did. they are really tall and comfortable when standing. im only 5' 6" but hey give it a try?
  3. 450duner

    rim lock size

    what size rim lock would fit a 10x2.75 tire?
  4. 450duner


    how long is the warrenty? am i going to need to buy a new motor? i will call you monday gary. thanks
  5. 450duner


    i ordered it direct from pitster pro. how much is half of a new case for a pitster? can i even get one? or do i need a whole new motor?
  6. 450duner


    i havent ridden my pitster i a while since my leg is still messed up so i went out into my shop today to sit on it and hope for my leg to heal. i decided to start it and ride around in my shop a little bit when i discovered the motor seemed loose. i went to check the engine mounts and where the upper bolt goes through the case the case is broken. i dont know how to fix it. any ideas?
  7. 450duner

    Any Pre- 1990 Daily Rigs out there?

    1978 bronco 6 inch lift 35" BFG's its being painted right now. pics as soon as its done.
  8. 450duner

    The Power of Dodge

    correct me if im wrong but isnt that chevy a regular cab short box? and the dodge and ford were extended cab long boxes right? wouldnt that put more weight on the chevy's rear wheels giving him more traction and a better chance?
  9. 450duner

    micky thompson baja claw radial

    check out the toyo M/T. they are beefy tires and wear really well on pavement
  10. 450duner


    where could i get studs for a 10 inch tire really cheap? or would regular philips screws work OK?
  11. 450duner

    pop up camper

    whats the biggest i will be able to pull? if my trucks max trailer weight is 3500lbs (owners manual)
  12. 450duner

    Studding up the Pitster

    man i feel redneck ish now.... i covered half the filter with a sandwhich bag and taped it in place... and im running slick tires this winter. i will show pics of my freestyle ramp soon as its set up when i get this damn cast off!!!
  13. 450duner

    pop up camper

    oh its the 2.4L engine in my truck also.
  14. does anybody know how well a 1991 4x4 nissan pickup would pull a pop up camper? not a huge one but about an average sized one. thanks!
  15. 450duner

    Northwest pitbike racing

    im interested but where is it located?