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  1. mhillsing23

    Parts Suggestions Please - Winter work on my KDX

    Thanks for the info guys. After looking at your suggestions and doing some search I am going to go with the Primary Drive Chain and Sprocket combo from Rocky Mtn (X-Ring and Steel Sprockets) They seem like a great deal! As far as tires, I am going to go with the Maxxis IT Rear and SI Front. Your suggestions helped me get some info, and after doing searches it seems like it will be a perfect combo for my riding. I was going to order them from the local shop to support him, but I can save a decent amount of $$$ from Rocky Mtn on the tires as well. Thanks again for the suggestions!
  2. mhillsing23

    Got black kdx fork boots you'd give up?

    If anyone else has a black set, I would love to buy them from you. Please contact me!!!
  3. Your best option is definitely the 3” Lift Coil Kit with AAL from ToyTec. Check out http://www.toyotanation.com/forum/f61 for some great info!
  4. Hello All, I picked up a KDX 220 last July and now that the weather has turned cold here in MO I am looking to do some maintenance and upgrades to the bike. Can I please get some suggestions for the best for the KDX when it comes to.... - Tires - Chain - Sprockets If any of you know MO, the only place that I really ride is St. Joe. I spend a lot of time in the trials that are very mixed terrain. Rocks, loose soil, red clay, mud, roots, and some sand. I am loving my KDX for trail riding. I have the airbox mod and FMF exhaust system. It is perfect for how I ride, and it actually has some decent low end for a 2 stroke, which is great for the trails. Any help is definitely appreciated!!! Mark
  5. mhillsing23

    Picking up an '01 KDX220 on Friday!!!

    The 220 is a great bike. I picked mine up last July and I have been riding it every weekend since. This thing seems bulletproof! Congrats!
  6. mhillsing23

    small tailgate/bike weight?

    I have an 05 Tacoma that I use to haul at least one bike every weekend. If I have just my bike, I put it in at an angle and don't need the tailgate down. Since you have the quad cab, I am assuming you have the short bed, so that may not be an option. The composite bed on the Tacoma may seem weak, but I have given it its fair share of abuse, and it has help up really well for me. If you already have the hitch though, I would just keep an eye out for a deal on a bike trailer. Look on your local craigslist. Until then, use the truck...I do every weekend. I had three full size bikes in the back of mine last weekend for a 220 mile drive.
  7. mhillsing23

    Harley vs Honda

    That is funny!...not true...but funny!
  8. mhillsing23

    Knee Pads? 07 FOX Raptors?

    I have the cheap EVS knee/shin pads from Dennis Kirk. They are great for the trail riding that I do. They stay put very well, and they are comfortable...not irritating.
  9. mhillsing23

    Deep woods riding alone tips?

    Isn't it crazy how you had the senses and ability to get back to your house and as soon as you did...you lost it only to wake up 16 hours later. I had the same exact thing happen to me when downhill mountain biking by myself. I don't remember almost 30 hours...I still doing remember going biking that day, or being in the hospital. They told me I made it to public where I could get cell phone signal and call for help. I remember working friday morning, and waking up saturday afternoon...nothing in between. Thank God we made it!
  10. Where is there a new track in St. Louis?
  11. mhillsing23

    New To Me...97 KDX 220

    It has a two week old FMF system on it. It sounds, runs great!
  12. mhillsing23

    New To Me...97 KDX 220

    Awesome, thank you!
  13. mhillsing23

    New To Me...97 KDX 220

    I have been riding street for about 6 years, and will continue to do so. I just picked up a my first dirt bike, a '97 KDX 220. I was wondering if anyone has some great 220 info to share, as well as basic advice. I haven't picked up a manual yet, but I am looking to do so. Do anyone know off hand what plugs this bike takes? What are the ratio's that I should run on this bike? Forgive this complete new guy! Thanks so much.