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    dirtbikes,cars,guns,snowboarding,hunting,hiking,outdoors,,,etc alot more i dont lack in hobbies
  1. Damager


    wear gear and ur ass wont look that lol
  2. yep yep funny stuff deegans the man lol
  3. Damager

    Tell me my bike is cool ... Please ???

    looks pretty sweet, SM is the way to go
  4. Damager

    COOLEST VIDEO - How we ride in the uk.....!!

    thats a pretty sick Vid man , im glad mototard is starting to get big in the states i rember a few years back looking at it online and wishing it was here but now it is and im happy
  5. Damager

    ridding impression please on DRZ 400 SM

    ya i had a ZX636r and sold it to my brother his doing the payment plan with me lol so here in a few days im getign 3000 off him and im goign right to the dealer and puting the money down on it ,,,ya a mototard more my type of thing when i had the ninja i rode with some dum peeps let me tell ya lol if u know what i mean
  6. Damager

    DRZ400SM anyone got any vids of this thing ?

    i ment the dude selling the bike to the guy was a actor but eh whatever
  7. Damager

    DRZ400SM anyone got any vids of this thing ?

    pretty sick vid man cant speak french but i could tell witch was the actor and witch was a racer lol
  8. i really wanting to get a 400sm sometime around this yr or next and would like to see this thing in action so if anyone have any links to some vids of the bike send them my way plz
  9. Damager

    Gotta love okinawa....

    I like pie
  10. Damager

    Plan on geting a DRZ400

    ya ill let ya know about whats going its still a if on sunday i work saturday night so it might be next week,,,Thx for the warm welcome all
  11. Damager

    Plan on geting a DRZ400

    i have a Q? can the plastic DRZ400E gas tank fit on the DRZ400s i was thinking it would ,but i just thought id ask to make sure
  12. Damager

    It died, right there....

    not the same thing but, on my RM250 i had to push it back to my parents house because i ran out of gas and i was like 8 miles away that sucked had to go up some big hills man that sucked,,, so i feel ya man
  13. Damager

    Plan on geting a DRZ400

    well once i have the money on hand and the time ill give ya a call right now just getign rdy to move and ill be getign the money from my brother so im not sure how soon ill be getign the money from him plus i still need to put my ninja in the cycle trader ,but im off sunday so maybe we can setup somethign i wouldnt mind looking at the bike and my brother might want the trailer not sure tho he just bought a 93 LX 5.0 ,so ill say somthign to him
  14. nice vid man much props to ya what punk band do u have playing in ur intro ? they sound pretty good