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    try calling ricky, sure he can help you http://www.rickystator.com/
  2. I dropped off my 1992 XR250L carb at my local Honda dealer and one of the techs said that for $10.00 he can modify the pump accelerator on my carb. He showed me the before and after results and normally the small L shape jet at the inlet of the carb will spit out a 4" fuel squirt. After the mod it now shoots out about 5 Ft of fuel almost in a straight line? I installed the carb and man! this thing really works, I no longer need to used the choke just jive some gas, the engine sound much better and the throttle respond is excellent. Very minimal power gain but the throttle twist is much crisper. He performed this mod in less the 10 min! He did say that the return spring was cut almost in ½ and that the accelerator shaft stop was folded down to increase the travel. My question is: who many of you know of this trick? And what exactly did he do to my carb? Is it just me?
  3. I just got a 1992 XR250L for my wife and I’m looking for a way to make this bike a semi-clutch or auto-clutch without braking the bank going with the Rekluse auto-clutch kit for $499.00, if they actually have a kit for this bike. Basically I would like to make it easier on her not to shift or be concern of the clutch while she learns to ride. Thanks for the info.
  4. crzmonk3

    1992 XR250L tank & seat swap to 1992 XR250R

    Thanks the clarke holds 4.2 gal but cost $170.00 beans. I guess is not an inexpensive solution after all, I will probably go with the clarke, easy and no guessing.
  5. crzmonk3

    1992 XR250L tank & seat swap to 1992 XR250R

    thanks for the info! great reference.
  6. I have a 1992 XR 250L and would like to know if I can install a plastic tank from a same year XR250R. Also if the seat would be an issue. I guess I would like to convert my bike to an XR250R at least the tank.