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  1. akillya

    drzsm...floaty on the highway...

    I was hitting an indicated 160kph just before the end of the front straight on Saturday and I didnt notice anything weird. I have the tires (stock 208's )inflated to 30psi cold which I now hear might be a little high.
  2. akillya

    06 DRZ 400 SM Tire Question

    Has anyone tried to fit slicks or DOT race tires to their DRZSM? If so what and how did it work?
  3. I have large calves and I need a new set of boots. Right now I have AXO RC6's and the straps pull out because my calf is too large. I wear knee braces so that only componds the problem. Any Suggestions on brands that are big at the top of the boot?
  4. akillya

    Knee Braces & Femur-Tib/fib

    It takes 1200 to 1800lbs of pressure to break a femur so it seems unlikey to me that an off the shelf knee brace would break your femur. I broke my left Donjoy brace at the top loop and my femur didnt break. While I was getting a new brace a professional football player (lineman) was having a new brace fitted because his last brace was broken when another 350lb lineman fell on his knee. He claimed it saved his knee and instead of surgury he he was playing two weeks later. I broke my hip, femur and damaged my knee and I have been wearing knee braces ever since. At first I only wore a left brace but over time I started wearing two because I felt naked on the right side. I wear them for riding, skiing and hockey. I get a sick feeling just thinking about riding or skiing without them! I guess the marketing the brace comapies do has worked prefectly on me. The way I look at it is if it saves even one injury its worth it to me to wear them. I dont buy crappy helmets or the cheapest boots, I buy the best I can afford because I want to go fast yet be as safe as I possibly can. I owe it to my family. I know the knee braces can't save me in all situations but nothing really can other than quiting.
  5. akillya

    Body Armor or Chest Protector?

    I bought the Thor Impact Rig SE and I have been using it for the indoor pitbike arenacross nights. Once its on you dont notice it and it seems to flow a good amount of air. Its a little bulky under a jersey so I have just been running it as my jersey. I like the kidney belt and elbow guards being built in. When you do go down the pads stay were they are unlike my clamshell. I bought it so I could wear it in the spring and fall under my enduro jacket for woods riding but its winter here so I have not tried it outdoors. I hate wearing a jacket and then the clamshell over it.
  6. akillya

    For the older guys....Who works out?

    I just turned 46 and I am in the best shape I have ever been in thanks to training 4-5 days a week. I actually quit riding off road and roadracing because in my mid to late 30's I kept hurting myself. Breaking my shoulder and damaging my glenoid labrum was the last straw. I sold my 2001 KX250 and convinced myself that I had reached the Harley stage of my life. At some point after my shoulder healed I sat down and really though about why I was so easily injured when I did have a crash. The biggest change in my life it that my body was simply in terrible shape. I went from being super active in my 20's to a desk jockey in my 30's. I expected to be able to perform at 1980 levels but my body couldnt take the strain. Once I got tired I made mistakes and when I crashed I had no muscle to protect me. So in 2002 I hired a personal trainer and set up a workout plan. To keep costs down I only met with the trainer once a month to review my progress. I joined a gym and went faithfully. At the end of 2002 I bought a 2003 YZ450 thinking I would be ready to ride by the spring. However when spring came I had no desire to ride it. Instead I bought a Harely never missing roadracing or riding my YZ. I did however keep working out. By 2005 I left the gym and began to buy equipment for our house. I bought used stuff and waited for sales but by 2006 we had a fairly sweet home gym. This spring I still didnt feel like ridng so I finally decided to sell the 2003 YZ450. I put an ad in the paper and some people came and looked at it. All of them said the same thing "I dont care if its never been ridden it's a 2003 and its not worth much". I said if its not worth anything then I will just keep it. About a week later I took my son to the motorcycle show and for the first time in his life he said he wanted to ride his dirtbike this year. He has had a bike since he was four and has good skill but it always seemed like I was forcing him to ride. The following weekend I started taking him to the track and watching him ride around. After a few visits I decided to dig out the 450 and go riding. It was magic!! By the end of the summer I had worn out three sets of tires, a chain and spockets and my old knee braces. My improved physical condition and muscle mass allowed me to ride all day and when I crashed I wasnt getting hurt anymore. We where having so much fun that in August we bought a toy hauler and started moto camping. Now my wife is even learning to ride a dirtbike. Hiring a trainer and learning how to work out was the best thing I have ever done for myself. Being active is easy when you feel great and dont suffer for days afterward. Anyone want to buy some Harelys?
  7. akillya

    DRZ SM stupid question

    Nice pic! I got the gold as well.
  8. akillya

    DRZ SM stupid question

    I installed my Muzzy Ti exhaust system today and based on my seat of the pants dyno its a little better but mostly way louder. I went back to my local bike shop and ordered stage II Hot Cams and a stage two jet kit so we will see what that does. I also installed Tag Metals T2 bars and Tag universal mounts. This lead to modifications to the ignition switch mounting plate but in the end its all good. I had no idea which way the univesal mounts where supposed to go so I guess I will just ask you guys. Do you mount the universal mounts with the bottom bulge justified to the inside of the stock mounts or the outside. Either way the knurling on the T2 bars does not line up perfectly. It probably does not matter but its pissing me off.
  9. akillya

    DRZ400SM Cycra Motard Fender

    Thats great! When I called Cyrca they said the had never tried one and that they went down to the Suzuki Dealership and didnt think it would fit.
  10. akillya

    DRZ400SM Cycra Motard Fender

    FYI I called Cycra regarding the Super motard fender and fitment on the SM and they advised that they do not make a fender that would bolt on the SM. No doubt one could redrill the mounting holes to make it fit but using a DRZ400 or RM450 fender will not simply bolt up.
  11. akillya

    DRZ400SM Steering Damper

    What are people using for a steering damper on their SM's? Scotts? Which mount?
  12. akillya

    DRZ400SM Slip-on or full system.

    I wonder why the Yosh SM pipe is going to be so much money?
  13. akillya

    Yosh full exhuast for E model on an SM

    I would call Yosh and ask them. The phone number is 1-909-628-4722 according to their website.
  14. Has anyone installed a Slip-on or full exhaust system on their SM yet? I want one but I will be riding it in well populated areas so I dont want it to be to to loud. Any suggestions? Yosh? White Brothers?