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  1. I have a V-Strom 650 for most commuting. I have the Jesse luggage from Xplorermoto. Those things are awesome. Suzuki calls this bike a dual sport. I say it is a street bike that does dirt roads well. Great for commute, great for traveling.
  2. +1 on the Astars. Low cost and comfy! They seem to be holding up well too!
  3. A couple weeks ago, my son hops on his DRZ to go for a ride. He starts it up, and finds oil spraying all over. He immediately shuts it off, looks down, and to his disbelief some ********* stole the clutch cover and bolts! This bike was outside, but right beside his house. Not a good thing to do to someone who works in a gun store!
  4. I use 2 Motion Pro spoons (the short ones 8-9") and a long 15" MP spoon, some VERY diluted dish soap in a spray bottle, and the stand is a 30 gallon metal drum, with a rubber hose around the rim to protect spokes and keeps from sliding around. I did both tires, reinstalled on bike in about 40 min.
  5. You can try my dealer. They ship parts daily. Fran (owner) and Harv (mechanic) are tops! This is also home of ACE Suspension. Very knowledgeable and friendly. I guess I am pretty lucky, having a dealer 4 miles from home.
  6. Allegheny is a national forest, not state. You do need a trail permit. Where are you from? there is a decent trail - Majestic Trails in Rew, PA, that is private, requires membership, and is bike friendly, and open ALL year, except 2 weeks during hunting season.
  7. A propane torch or heat gun will hide some scratches, or at least make them less noticeable.
  8. replace your throttle tube with one that has a cam. this provides a non-linear pull for the carb slide. it works great on my 450 for sticky woods riding.
  9. 3 1998 KTM 200mxc 2003 KTM 450exc 2007 Husky TE610
  10. Thor ride jacket. They look good, comfortable, available in several colors, not to flashy, and waterproof!
  11. I have the Scout bagz on my 610. Was a bit skeptical at first, but they are really nice, and can expand quite a bit.
  12. I get 52 mpg consistently on my '07 TE610:ride:
  13. I spray the lens with Armor-All, let it sit for 10-30 min, then polish dry with a soft cotton cloth. helps hide scratches, also water repellant. works good on eye glasses also.
  14. I had a DR, now have a TE. There is nocomparison. Go with the TE610. Way more power, better suspension & handling.
  15. I average about 52 mpg on my 07 TE610. I only have about 600 miles on it so far. Great commuter, just add Dirt Bagz.