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  1. cam_hall

    Color Plastics

    THat was a dumb comment, if your bike is in perfect running order and nothing is wrong. Go ahead and get some plastics. By the way i say go with they way that guy posted a pic of. Blue shrouds and rest white.
  2. cam_hall

    Post pics of all your toys!

    NICE "tobaco" pipe. Im sure you somke tobaco out of it
  3. cam_hall

    Bow down to my works steed!

    Nice bike man, those fork tubes look real nice anodized. ANd im going to have to agree with the other guys, not diggin the back fender white, and possibley get some better pre prints.
  4. cam_hall

    how often do u practice?

    BUy the whole family bikes, then you can practice and call it "spending time with the family"
  5. cam_hall

    Gear You Wear When Racing

    I wear thor gear, alpinstar tech 4s, zues helmet, utopia too dirtys, and a camel back for trials.
  6. cam_hall

    What class do you race?

    125 begginer(D) in motocross, and 0-200c in harescrambles.
  7. cam_hall

    Arai Helmet

    thats one ugly helmet.
  8. Heres my tryin to whip, small whip, small jump.
  9. Your freinds must suck really really bad if you pass them on a ttr-125 and they have 250s and 450s. Take it easy the first half and dont go at it like you would on a mx track, so you dont waste all your energy. Also get barkbusters and a camelback. Maybe somone else can put some more input in but thats all i got to say.
  10. cam_hall

    Graphics Removal

    You dont need none of that fancy adheasive remover junk, dont waste your money. Use a hair dryer and heat them up and pull the graphic off, then put gas on a rag and put it on the left over adhasive and it comes right off.
  11. cam_hall

    What gear do you wear ?

    ANyone else ?
  12. cam_hall

    What gear do you wear ?

    Yea i buy most of my stuff on discount too, so what do you got ?
  13. cam_hall

    help with boots?????

    ^^^^Are you serious. Well you can put them on and walk around in them, also you get them wet and put golf balls in them to stretch them out.
  14. Sweet track and super fast kid. Its just getting closed to the public right ? Because after all its a private track and a 50 by itself cant make too much noise.