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  1. Chvel SS

    2006 supercross at Ford Field

    That'll be my first visit there unless the Lions can start winning some games!
  2. Who did your motor work? Was the head modified? Get ahold of Eric Gorr at Forward Motion, he's done all my mods in the past and does excellent work. When you get a port job done they'll ask if you want the head modified for pump or race gas.
  3. Chvel SS

    Headin' up to the Houghton Lake area!!

    Just remember it's Bud Bash this week at Houghton Lake. You staying on the lake? I have my trailer parked at Higgins, just about 15 min. away. Anyway I maybe game for a Sat. ride? Maybe even one of the Geels loops?
  4. Chvel SS

    Higgins area

  5. Chvel SS

    Higgins area

    Anyone ride the West Higgins or Geels trails lately? Just wanted to know which would be the best choice for the wife and kid to ride. They don't care a whole lot for the deep deep sand. After riding Gladwin, I can't really blame them too much! Also can you get to the south geels trail from the north parking area? Or is there another lot? Don't see one on the map I have. Oh yeah, and hello everyone!