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  1. elisdad

    Leather suit for tall/thin build?

    I am not exactly the same size as you, but I have a Shift Vertex (not SUMO specific) that fits well. I am 6'1" and 170lbs. I bought a size 54 Euro. I am very happy with the quality.
  2. elisdad

    Sportsman vs Supermoto

    I have really been considering a supermoto conversion for my slow ancient DR650. I ride on the street 99% of the time and I mostly commute. I have been reading a lot on supermoto conversions and it seems that most folks are blown away by the conversion to SM. I am wondering if a "sportsman" conversion will give me what I am looking for, or if it is worth the significant cost of upgrading to 17" SM wheels. I have never had an issue with the grip of the stock trailwing tires, so an upgrade to Avon Distanzias should be a nice improvement. I was also looking at upgrading the rotor to a 320 and SS brake line. Will the sportsman conversion work as well in the twisties as the SM conversion assuming both wheels are running Distanzias?
  3. elisdad

    Motard DR or add drz400sm

    I might start by adding Avon Distanzias to the stock rims. I might even go for a 320mm rotor. If I really like it, I might go full into the SM setup.
  4. elisdad

    Motard DR or add drz400sm

    So I think I may have my Speed Triple sold and have been considering adding a DRZ400SM along side my DR. I ride 99% street (not really by choice, there just aren't may trails around this way). What are the positives and negatives of just adding super moto wheels to my DR instead of adding a DRZ400sm? Has anyone compared a super moto'd DR versus the DR400sm? Thanks for any input. Eric
  5. Adjusting the idle to be a tad bit faster seemed to have done the trick. I turned the adjuster about a half a turn. It seemed quite a bit slower than the idle in the video posted by Nordie Boy (thanks!) I might go ahead and order that tach. It would be nice to know exactly what my idle is at. Thanks mx_rob for pointing me in the right direction! Eric
  6. It does seem to be idling a bit slower since I raised the needle and put in the extended fuel screw. I really notice this after riding a bit and coming up to a stop light. I almost feel like it might die, but when I get home and park in the garage, it is harder to know what my idle speed is. Is this tach from topgun anygood?
  7. Hi mx_rob, thanks for the reply. Last night after reading your post, I went out dug into the carb. Using two washer was too much and it was measuring .050". I went back to a single washer and it measures about .035". Here is a crappy cell phone pic of the washer before I snugged up the spacer and washer to the clip: I also turned the fuel/air screw down to 1 turn out. I warmed the bike up this morning, then took off to then end of my neighborhood, changed to second gear, pulled in the clutch and rolled of the throttle to coast to a stop sign and the bike died. I then turned the fuel/air screw down to 3/4 turn and drove on into the office, as I was approaching a stop sign, I pulled in the clutch, rolled off the throttle and the bike died again. Could there be a different culprit causing this symptom?
  8. I recently shimmed the needle of the carb using two small washers. I also installed an extended fuel screw and removed the snorkel from the airbox. After installing the extended fuel screw (from procycle), I have been doing a bit of experimenting. I currently have the screw out 1 and 3/4 turns from all the way in. The bike seems to have a bit more power, but now I have a strange side effect. If I am at speed and pull in the clutch and completely roll off the throttle (just coasting) the bike dies. If I continue to apply just the slightest throttle, this doesn't happen. Does this point to being too rich, too lean, do I need to adjust my idle, or does this seem to be something totally different? I appreciate any advice. Eric
  9. elisdad

    IMS Gas Tank

    I too am running the IMS Petcock... I have posted this before, but here is the write up of the install of my IMS tank: http://elisdadsdr650.blogspot.com/2009/03/ims-tank-install.html
  10. elisdad

    Oil in airbox

    Thanks for the response mx_rob (and all of your other great posts). I have tried to make sure that my oil is not overfilled during my last oil change. I'll double check to make sure that I am between the upper and lower marks. I don't have the skills to do wheelies
  11. elisdad

    Oil in airbox

    Hi Everyone. I also posted this over at advrider.com, but am hoping that I can figure out what is happening here. I have a question regarding my 2009 DR650 with 2100 miles on it. I have noticed that I am getting some oil in the airbox drain. This is not oil from the filter, I haven't recently oiled it. I haven't been off-road so the airfilter is quite clean. I have noticed some oil making its way to the airbox drain plug since new (not as much during break-in, but a little). I recently did a 1100 mile trip and on my trip I was hitting a lot of twisties and riding aggressive. I noticed the oil in the airbox drain and actually drained it (maybe a teaspoon worth) a few times on my trip. After reading on the forums, I attributed this to the higher revs of riding in the twisties. I just did a little experiment, I drained the oil from the airbox drain, then commuted to work (normal riding, no highways - not really rev'ing the bike ) and did a bit of around town riding. I have put approximately 40 miles on the bike. I went out this morning and took a picture of the oil in the airbox drain, here it is: I drained it into a small white top (off of a spray can): I know it isn't filter oil. It shouldn't be from aggressive riding. I don't want to get into a proper "break-in" procedure thread, but I did break the bike as recommended by suzuki. So what is happening here? I don't like taking the bike into the dealership, as it is so easy to work on, but I am not sure what to do here. Thanks for any advice you all might have. Eric
  12. elisdad

    Wolfman Small Expedition Tank Bag

    Wolfman makes some quality stuff. I just did an 1100 mile trip with my small expedition, expedition tank panniers, and expedition duffel. I am really impressed.
  13. elisdad

    Tube (tire) Sizes??

    I stopped by Cycle Gear since it was beside the toy store where I was taking my kids. I asked the person working which size tubes would fit my bike. They didn't have any tubes in the metric sizes for the DR (stock tires - 90/90/21 or 120/90/17). They looked in one of their catalogs and said they had some BikeMaster tubes in stock, which are standard sizes. My, in the noggin, "metric to standard" conversion isn't very strong, so I took their recommendations. I picked up the following sizes: Front: 2.75/3.0 x 21 Rear: 4.0/4.25 x 17 After getting home, I started looking through the forum to verify that I got the right size tubes. There isn't a ton of information, but just doing a metric to standard conversion in google, it looks like a 120/90/17 rear, really equates to a 4.75 inch rim. The 90mm to inch conversion works out to something like 3.5 inches, but I didn't see anything near that size at Cycle Gear for a front. I noticed in my Dennis Kirk catalog that there is a lot of overlap in some of the tube sizes listed. Will the above tubes work? What size tubes have you purchased? Thanks, Eric
  14. elisdad

    Wolfman Small Expedition Tank Bag

    Thanks for the replies guys. I have been trying to write-up things that are interesting to me as I am living with the DR. I just got my Ricochet skidplate on over the weekend and my wolfman expedition tank panniers arrived yesterday. I should have those posted on my personal blog by the weekend. Gatorman, I have really enjoyed my Sprint. I bought it new in 03 ( an 02 left-over). I bought my DR in Jan and have only put about 40 miles on the Sprint since then. I keep going back and forth about selling it.
  15. elisdad

    Wolfman Small Expedition Tank Bag

    After a lot of reviewing the forums, I finally settled on the small expedition tank bag from Wolfman. There seems to be tons of stuff about the wolfman enduro, but I couldn't find many pics of the expedition on the DR. I installed the bag before a ride on Friday and took a few shots: http://elisdadsdr650.blogspot.com/2009/04/wolfman-small-expedition-tankbag.html Eric