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  1. They should have a sharper feel than the cam teeth, as the cam teeth are more squared off. As long as there are no broken, cracked, or bent teeth, I'd say it's good to go.
  2. I thought things that were cold blooded liked the cold??
  3. So, the crank won't spin at all? And you're sure it's in neutral?
  4. Dumb ass can't even spell "gasket" right. I hope I never see a post from this shithead again.
  5. I'd say it's way easier to do it in the frame... that way you don't have to take off nearly as much stuff. Even when I split the cases before, I'd always removed the head and cylinder, then pull the bottom end out of the frame. Just seemed easier that way to me.
  6. Buying and following the manual would be a good first step.
  7. You can register and post in a forum on the internet, but you can't flip through a manual and find the page about changing oil? You sure you should be changing the oil?
  8. Did ya happen to get a manual with these new bikes? Cuz that would be the best idea... if not, see: http://www.thumperfaq.com/oil_change.htm
  9. And I sold my 2000 YZ125 for 2000, so what's your point? Plus, people want thumpers now, not 2 strokes... so it's not surprise that 4strokes are holding their value better than 2 strokes.
  10. Ehhhhh. I picked up my '02 a year ago for $2200. I suppose you could talk him down, but I wouldn't pay more than $2000-$2200 for it. Looks like it's been raced, which either means it was beaten, or taken care of... you'll have to check it out to decide.
  11. I think the only way you're going to know for sure is to pull the top end and measure the cylinder and/or piston. My guess is that since he wasn't right about the hotcams, he isn't right about the big bore either.
  12. '05 might be a tad different than my '02, but you should still be able to rotate the carb enough to pull the bowl. Once you get the bowl off you can pull the PJ out. Do you have a manual for the bike? It shows exactly where the jets are. Your diagnosis sounds pretty good, sounds like a good place to start at least.
  13. I guess. Although I have a little trouble paying $20 that cost $.20 to make. It's the principle, not the price.
  14. Yeah, and I'd also be a bit skeptical about no-name brand ones on ebay, or somthing of the sort. Just don't know how well they'd hold up, and a free magnet could cause quite a bit of damage in the bottom end.
  15. Yeah, I dont know. I was pretty thorough in cleaning the bolts and drying them completely before I glued it... but maybe it still wasn't good enough... I dont know! And now I've got a missing magnet on my hands! Figured the magnet that wasn't on the frame bolt would have either been stuck at the screen just below drain hole, or stuck in the one of the walls of the frame tank... but I can't find it! Took the screen out, and it wasn't there. I'm able to fit a finger up into the frame tank and feel around the sides and what not, but I can't find it anywhere. Even tried to go fishing with another magnet, but it came out empty handed too! I'm kind of baffled... didn't think the magnet would travel up in the tank??