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  1. Tech By Horn

    Jesse James new partner???

    Hey corky I think we need a revised version with rainbow tassels. what a great 650R......dude Id rock it
  2. Tech By Horn

    Jesse James new partner???

    Naw the deals already inked......Ross and Tim are going to clean house in class 20 on Jens pink bike.
  3. Tech By Horn

    cool Baja-esque bike graphics

    Just haven some fun in baja......
  4. Tech By Horn

    Baja: Things go wrong and work out great.

    dam looks like I missed out on another fun prerun.....cheers for the pictures
  5. Tech By Horn

    XBOX Baja 1000 game

    man I want a copy! maybe Ill rent it for a coupple of days....you have a rate for that right?
  6. Tech By Horn

    Baja stories?

    Hey the head hooter the hill climb was graceful! I really liked the knee pushups at the end whos hip shiner is that? Looks lovely!