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  1. this set up is key. I was considering getting a stabilizer but then i realized that my front wheel is never touching the ground so its not needed
  2. there shouldnt be enough slack for the chain to hit the tire. usally one will get irratated by tha noise coming from the chain slapping the case saver long before the chain gets loose enough to hit the tire
  3. 93 octane is fine for the stock bike. 100 octane might make it run better but it isnt because of the octane. its a better fuel. At that elevation you dont need high octane fuel, there isnt enough air to burn it. I will not run anything but av gas or 100 octane unleaded fuel in my scooter, not because of the octane but because it runs so much better with the better fuel. I mix them both 50/50 with chevron pump super unleade
  4. what a great ride. Thanks for showing us around. Sharpie, did you ever post the pics. I have been banned for a week. How is the knee? Did you get percocets????? Remember. 1 down 4 up!!!!!
  5. i heard the dust is too thick for 250's to go through. I would wait until it rains or get a 450 just kidding
  6. i would be all over going to stony but i promissed one of these two that i would go to a halloween party with her
  7. the single biggest thing you did to make it have more power and feel crisper was the baffle. the rest just makes the motor happier which is good
  8. how tall are you?
  9. bob is on the sauce
  10. yeah, it is the plates
  11. hehehe. I forgot about that post. I crack myself up. Sacramento? When are you going to sac up and meet up with the boys for a ride?
  12. if you tie the cam sprocket to the frame and loosen the tensioner it will be super easy. Just pull the sprocket off the cam but keep it on the chain and in the same spot. Remove the cam and cam assibly if it is the same as a 450. Remove the auto decompressor. Slap it on the new cam and put the cam back into the assibly. Put the sprocket back and and put the chain tensioner on. Pour some oil on the cam and call it good.
  13. most people go with either je pistons or cp pistons. I have put je pistons in three bikes and they all have had great results. Since you are doing it you might want to bump the compression up .5. Stock is 12:1 so get a 12.5:1. It makes a big difference. has the je pistons.
  14. save your money for some valves
  15. if you would have been reading before buying then you would have known that the 450x is a better bike. You are going to need to do a lot of stuff to that thing to make it as fast as a stock crf450x!!! All that aside, good choice. I would be riding a yamaha if not a honda.