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  1. Hey just crusin the forums,anybody got one or old pics?MY 1st bike??lets relive yesterday!thanks
  2. rtrolli69

    Dr D slip on question

    OK guys gotta put my 2cents in!Ive got an 05 WR450,purchased the DRD,full sys.It cleared the frame fine,just loosen the bolts on the rear part...Slip-on of the exhaust& pull the oil filter on oil changes.no loosening of the header bolts!didnt use any sealant on the connection it fit tight.My brother has an 03&he wishes he had bought the DRD.we havent tried slipping it on his,but he has a WBROS and it runs great.Its just a loud S.O.B.!Thats my experiance ok.
  3. rtrolli69

    Search: The sexiest WR out there...

    heres my Blue OX...
  4. rtrolli69

    Something Snapped

    check the bottom chain roller,mine wrked loose& fell off
  5. rtrolli69

    one word to describe your WR...

    Sleeper.......and been told so by other riders!
  6. rtrolli69

    Dr D Graphics

    I got the DR D graphics straight from Dubach Racing,I cant remember exactly off the top of my head the price but they were in line price wise as other kits.I just couldnt find any I liked.The DR D I had seen on some bikes in magazines and loved the look and the pipe is great sothat was my decision.They are great to deal with.I ordered on line & the next morning a rep called to verify year and model.Great service.The # plates&air box covers are Decal works pleased with them also.There was air box decals and fork guards also but I chose to leave the Yamaha.that stuff was thick,the rear fender was tough because of tail light.you can see this in pics in my garage.I just trimmed for the light.
  7. rtrolli69

    Dr D Graphics

    Ive been waiting to get a hold of DR D graphics for my bike.I like the way they look but I also love his products,so here is my 05' with new bars&plastic& graphics.ready to race for summer 07'.Tell me what you think.Russ
  8. rtrolli69

    Grey wire pulled vs not pulled

    Did the gray wire on my 05,didnt notice much difference with stock jetting.and didnt change the way it started...Rejetted the bike as they tend to be pretty lean stock,jets and JD needle,also installed the pwr plus sys & I believe the right jetting and this mod gave even more performance than my aftermarket pipe which helped alot.alot to be said for proper jetting!!I race & trail ride,some friends ride it and then understand why I get the starts I do onthe track! its a sleeper,damn they thought it was me for a minute.
  9. rtrolli69

    so much for the break-in period.../ speed

    Throttle stop...im surprised it ran 60mph with that thing on there.good thing nobody was riding a moped!!!free mods and jetting,it will wake it up and then run even better as it gets some miles on it..
  10. Im having the same trouble with my 05,I bottomed it real hard on the moto-x track.Now both seals are leaking.Any sugesstions on what brand and size, fork seal driver to use??Dealer wants over $200 smacks to change them!! My brother has a 03 model would the seals andDriver be the same??Hes changed them when we rode 90 model Hondas so were thinking we will give it a try for that price.Manual has a great breakdown.Any info and suggestions would be appreciated..Thanks TTers
  11. rtrolli69

    Best lookin YAMAHA

    that is a sweet looking bike,love the graphics.
  12. rtrolli69

    Buddy pegs,WR450

    [ Hey TTers sorry for the delay on pics for these.Kick starter side is 6x4.5 inches and 1/4 inch steel,shifter side is 6x6x1/4 inch steel.You will need frame guards because on shifter side it uses the bolt hole for frame guard to bolt through.lower bolts are subframe to frame.kick start side is subframe and rear disc assm.buddy pegs on mine are 4.5 inches behind my pegs and1to2inches higher.depends on preference.when you bolt through plate to pegs use shrter bolts & lockwashers so they dont hit swingarm.http://www.msnusers.com/gkuaqg58983pmh8pi0k538e924/documents.msnw?fc_p=%2FPictures&fc_a=0
  13. rtrolli69

    Winning motocross without training?

    Heres my take! agree to a point.Im 37 started racing again, been doing it onand off since i was 14.My #1 point is there is no substitute for seat time.Riding time!!! even riding easy is better than lifting or swimming..Its just different ive trained but Im a weekend warrior.I can tell how much riding ,especially riding with a friend who is faster helps.doing something pushups,situps are better than nothing.Also do pushups or some armwork before motos!?!? I thought no way I will get tired quick.Notice the more you ride the more comfortable you get and less arm pump.Sorry cant take credit.I read about it and it works!!Russ
  14. rtrolli69

    yz250 or 450f

    they are as easy to start as your bike.wr is real easy with the button or without,i love it.The truth is a 450 yzf or wr will out run a 250cc 2stroke and a yz250f.the newer bikes with auto decomp are easy to start.the Wr is easier to start after you drop it hot with the button than kicking it.Great advantage.russ
  15. rtrolli69

    Passenger Foot pegs

    Hey guys I went through the same thing 4months ago,couldnt find anything I thought would work and be sturdy so I built my own.The cool thing is they even say Yamaha on them.They cost me about $40 bucks to build and about1hr of my time.piece of cake.I will put them on my bike and take pictures later being im racing this Sat.I have a 05 Wr450 in a nut shell I bought some 2pieces of 3/16 6"x 6" steel at a local welding shop for $5 cash.Then purchased those everyday clamp style pegs at my local dealer 29.99 who gets them from tucker rocky.I made a pattern of my 2bolt locations on my subframe and frame out of notebook paper.painted the steel black,drilled holes.You need longer bolts to make up for the thickness of the steel went to Lowes because they are open late and bought same mm bolts just longer to bolt through steel square & subframe into frame.Then bolted pegs to square steel,lose the clamps that came with the pegs.My brother has a 03 Wr450 and my pattern matched his also so I built him some.It only takes a few minutes to change 2 bolts the pegs fold up so they dont bug just play riding.I do remove them for when im racing,or riding hard.I will try and post some pics later or you can email me and I will send them direct if your interested.Russ