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  1. kawkx250f

    Rip 06'

    no he sold his cr like a week or so before the fire
  2. kawkx250f

    Rip 06'

    okay i personally know him he live down the street some of the stuff you said is true and some isnt but it donsnt matter. ive seen the bike and its horrable the whole grauge is horrable it was big 75ft or so long. big work shop alot of tools and equipment all his new never use gear was in there. his dads trx300 his brothers blaster and his dads pretty much un replaceable 198? honda trike his dad loved that thing too cause hes had it forever dont know much bout it but it ran mint too......... and the tires there not melted there just really burnt like the knobys are smalller and crisp at the ends hes going to be getting an 07 who knows when thought his dads gettin a trx 400 with the money hes gettin for his 300 since he talked them into it since he said he used it for yard work and crap so over all hes haveing some horrable luck this year..
  3. kawkx250f


    what is the diffrence from the sunstar stainless steel and works? isnt the ert2 the really expensive chain or is that some other one
  4. kawkx250f


    i got my rentahl o ring chain with a sunstar SS sprokets best setup and i only tightined my chain twice in a period of like a month -month half does depend on how much your ride but last a loong time
  5. kawkx250f

    axle nut?

    i lost mine but ive never had a problem i just check it before i ride and after ride
  6. kawkx250f

    draining radiators

    yeah took a little to long to tell me it shoots out shot over the pan and onto my shoes
  7. kawkx250f

    Broken Radiator

    ebaayyy people are allways striping down new bikes and sellin parts u can get a new one for half the price of what it woudl cost buying threw a actuall site
  8. kawkx250f

    draining radiators

    I bought a new radiator and its coming in today and i plan to get it and put on too but i was wondering whats the easiest way to drain the radiator fluid out of the whole bike beacuse im replacing it all with engine ice and sould i clean out the good radiator some how? if i do how do i do that too
  9. kawkx250f

    '04 KX-250F Exhaust Question

    dubble post
  10. kawkx250f

    '04 KX-250F Exhaust Question

    your exhaust question are you looking for a stock replacement or after market like fmf or procircuit or whatever u prefer and the might fit cause the package my aftermarket exhaust came in said kxf 04-06 so i suppose there all made the same way and your waterpump/oilfilter problems try boyesen and pro circuit
  11. kawkx250f

    Excessive Smoking

    well frist i suggest u post this in the kawasaki 2 stroke forum not sure if you noticed but this one is the kxF 250 forum but im not being rude about that just an idea they might have a better idea but im sure someone knows i never owned a 2 stroke but you might get a faster better answer over there who knows
  12. kawkx250f

    need some help

    okay so i have a 05 and im out riding around my house i notice its idoling high so i get i try to turn the idol screw air screw i dont know whatver u all call it its the black knob on the side of the carb anyways i turn it and the damn thing wont move i turn it and then goes back and the idol it running really high can anyone give me any kind of help to get that damn thing to turn? or some kind of alternative to get the idol lowered forget this i was figured it out it just needed to be lubed up mud probly got sumwhere and it locked it up
  13. i dont know i have the tech 6 and there fine for the same price of the sg10 you could get the tech 8 im not sure bout the ankle support though
  14. kawkx250f

    Cone tips

  15. kawkx250f

    Cone tips

    do u have a link to them?