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  1. Just like in a car at a racetrack.... a bad driver will make a fast car slow.... a good driver will make a slow car fast. Not stating he is a bad rider, it's just only a few trips out on a track vs people who could have many years of experience he needs time to learn how to go fast. I have been riding since I was around 5 years old, always trail rode & a complete chicken in the air. I took 14+ years off of riding & 5 or so years ago purchased my first mx bike & went to local MX tracks with some people I met. On my 99yz 400f it took me several trips to feel comfortable out there.... slowly learned what to do but never really figured out how to take the turns properly... the non rutted one. Then I followed a your kid around with a under 100cc 2 stroke.... he whipped my butt in the turns I would stick with a slower bike that has a peaky-er engine, it will make him learn at a slower speed & due to the lower weight much easier to toss around
  2. I don't know.... a friend years ago was 6ft 3 & around 300#'s & rode a XR200.... maybe it was a XR250 since that was back in the mid 80's. Yes the bike looked like a scooter with him on it & it had a hard time pulling him up some hills but it worked, he new no better thus he didn't geel cramped. Preferably get a bigger bike but I would rather have a smaller bike in good working condition vs a larger bike that needs a lot of work I would stay away from those no name chinese knockoffs..... stick with a brand that actually builds their bikes to be used off road.
  3. viggen

    1999 yamaha yz400f vs a 1999 wr400f

    not a clue on the hours.... I purchsed the bike from a friend.... he was the 2nd owner That was my first motorcross bike..... loved everything about it except the starting issues which only presented themself in certain situations. From what I read the startup issues I had were typical of these bikes since it was a new technology..... Still remember seeing Doug Henry stalling the bike back in the day during a race & he just kept kicking.... & kicking to get it started
  4. viggen

    1999 yamaha yz400f vs a 1999 wr400f

    if my yz sat for a month plus it would take 20-30 minutes of kicking to get it running. Also difficult if it was really cold and attempted to run. Once I had it running it would start up after one or two kicks..... all done with the proper sequence of starts.
  5. great info!! Like stated I want to/plan on passing the bikes on as they get older. Also attempting to get my brother into this again.... (he has a KTM 525 SMC that's been sitting for 6 years now) he has a 7yr old daughet & 5yr old son....so hopefully I could pass whatever I get down to them when mine outgrow the bikes. Daughter has been sick all week & all 3 have a soccer tournament this weekend. I wanted to check out a few bikes this week but running out of time..... From what you state it looks like I should stick with the XR70/80/100 (or similar) for the kids now & maybe in 2 years get the oldest a CRF150f and move them all up a size at that time
  6. thanks again for the input... I have continued to disreguard the NADA values when shopping & I have a few local bikes to look at. XR70 for the daughter, worried it's to small but then again she's never been on a motorcycle by herself & is 4ft 8, measured them this evening I think XR100 should work for the next boy, he's 4ft 10 or should I consider a XR80? Oldest is 5ft 2 (I thought he was taller....) & 106lbs.... Possibly XR100 or CRF150?? Like stated I need to bring them with me to look at the bikes....
  7. viggen

    1999 yamaha yz400f vs a 1999 wr400f

    ZERO experience with a WR... I had a 99yz400f for a few years. Talk about a complete PITA to start especially after it got really hot. I loved the power & all that on the bike but I would be leery buying one for trail use. I threw it up f/s here as well as local newspaper & craigslist. Asking $1,000 & sold it for $500.... bike was in good considion, I included a bunch of extra parts including the rear triangle of the frame etc. The guy that putchased it was 6ft 6 & 300+ lbs.... I warned him about how the bike would overheat if the trails were slow & was also a PITA to start if it sat for months or if it got really hot...... So what I am saying.... is I would look at a newer yz/wr426
  8. thanks for the info! Greatly appreciated! I think I have seen a few Honda EX's which have caught my eye, I think I saw some 300's that seemer reasonably prices & in good shape. The oldest boy is about 100#'s & around 5ft 5in (6th grade) Middle child is also a boy & probably just under 5ft tall & if I recall 70#'s, he's 10 (4th grade) His sister is maybe a inch shorter & 15-20#'s lighter...... she's almost 9 (3rd grade) Yea, I was worried a MX bike would be way to much for them, prefer something simple & not so fast so they can get the hang of it. They all seem to do really well mtn biking however we haven't hit the trail at all this year...... Most of the bikes were listed in the $800-1500 area & yea, I figure if they do not like it or when we need to upgrade hopefully not a lot of money will be lost. Any thought on how the 2010 yz450f that I am considering would work for me at the slower speeds we would be doing? I know a few times we went really slow on the trails with my old 400f due to mud & they thing blew coolant......
  9. I would like to hear more on the 10' YZF's = crap.... I am considering one but considering I am coming from a yz400f, I am sure it would be quite a bit better $5K is the price of the one I found used at a dealership
  10. viggen

    New 2010 YZ450F Owner =D

    & thanks for the info!! Hopefully early next week I can check out the 450f & with some luck buy it. Have a few bikes I hope to check out this weekend for the kids.....
  11. viggen

    big guy looking to get 2 wheels....

    I sold my yz400f to someone taller & heavier then you. Man did he make that bike look like a minibike Some tuning of the suspension & you will be fine If you decide later you want more power you could always do performance stuff to the bike
  12. viggen

    New 2010 YZ450F Owner =D

    HOT.... bikes pretty sweet to I am actually looking at snagging a '10 450f, if you don't mind me asking what did you pay? The one I found is at a dealership... used..... $5K. Didn't know if that's a good or bad price. If I could only talk my wife into a motorcycle.... (she did tell me a rm250 she road years ago was way to much power) ..... she wants a quad, a non racing quad..... ugh
  13. I am bike shopping, married my wife in 2010 & I have finally talked her into letting me get her 3 kids into offroad motorcycle stuff. I am searching for bikes to get mostly on the local Craigslist adds & found several to choose from in my budget, under $1,000 per kid. First off is the NADA motorcycle values accurate at all? A few of the bikes I have looked at seem to be way over what NADA has for average retail on the bikes. Seller lists it for $1K but NADA has it under $500. For the 12yr old boy I though a Honda XR150, CRF150F or Yamaha TTR 125 would work For the 10yr old boy XR/CRF100F or KLX110/140 When I was taking my 9yr old daughter to soccer practice I asked her if she wanted a quad or a bike. Her reply after we chatted for a bit was she would look cooler on a bike so that's what I want! Gotta love it!! I was thinking Kawasaki KLX110 or I just saw a 03 TTR-R90r. None of the kids have ever been on a motorcycle before, I have taken them all mountain biking a few times over the 3-4 years that I have been in their life (their dad died of cancer back in 07) thus I do not need the power of a 2stroke or the more modern MX engines. I sold my yz400f 18 months ago & found a 2010 used yz450f that I am really interested in Wife wants a quad.... any suggestions on a sub $3K quad? Under $2K would be great..... use would be a mix of motorcross and trail riding......
  14. viggen

    09 YZ450 deal of a lifetime?

    thanks...... i think i will stop by this week and see what they can do on the oooooosix. definantly going to be lightyears ahead of my 400f in every aspect. to old to deal with my 400f not wanting to start so that's my biggest reason fo wanting something newer. thanks again!