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    I'm going to college, my major is Pro Pilot.
  1. I'm on the lookout for a late model A-kit. A friend of mine is selling this set but he's not the original owner and doesn't know the year model. Does this set look like the real deal and any ideas what year model? Thanks Serial number on top of fork cap: CAS26 RGT110SU
  2. AlloyMx95

    Differences between 2010 and 2011

    Thanks for the replies. I love the KX250F, and I still think it's the 250F to beat for sure. I have a few rides on the 2011 and the fuel injection makes it so crisp. However the KX450F is a runaway freight train (I'm 160 lbs and I just can't tame it). So I need a 450 I can handle for the 25+ class next year. It looks like a good deal on a new 2010 RMZ is definitely the way to go.
  3. AlloyMx95

    Differences between 2010 and 2011

    I'm looking to make the switch back to Suzukis. Any changes between the 2010 and 2011 450?
  4. AlloyMx95

    2009 Valve Springs in 2009

    The word is the valvetrain on the 09 is much more reliable than the 08. I'm holding a set of both in my hand right now. The exhaust springs are very close to the same but the intake springs are much wider. I'll probably just stick with some 08 springs.
  5. AlloyMx95

    2009 Valve Springs in 2009

    I have a guy that wants me to put 2009 valve springs in his 2008 KX250F. They are very different springs. Has anyone tried this?
  6. Is there any motocross tracks around Thunder Valley that might be practicing on Thursday? We are coming up from Tennessee for the national and need some seat time at alttitude.
  7. AlloyMx95

    KX250F sprocketing

    A 14/50 ratio is real close to a 13/47. A 13/49 or 13/50 is more what you are looking for to go slower with a relatively higher RPM. One tooth makes a big difference for me on a track, but I can't say how much it would help in the woods.
  8. AlloyMx95

    Ap mod's

    50 leak jet is the way to go. You don't have to shave the diaphram stud on the 250fs. Also drop the main jet down. MXA says go to a 170. I run a 170 in the summer and a 175 in the winter.
  9. AlloyMx95

    pressurewashing with a hour meter

    I mount mine on the frame behind the tank shrouds. I've never had any water get into it and I've pressure washed mud off of the face of them before. The velcro didn't hold for me, I just drill small holes and use the screws that come with them.
  10. AlloyMx95

    broken collar bone

    I rode after two months on mine. The doctor wanted me off for 3 1/2 though.
  11. AlloyMx95

    pro action or pr2 suspension

    PR2 hands down.
  12. AlloyMx95

    FMF or White Bros

    The FMF 4.1 is going to give you performance gains from bottom to top. I've got an extra FMF 4.1 Carbon For sale in classifieds.
  13. AlloyMx95

    Need more HP out of my 450

    www.pr2racing.com Their motors make ridiculous hp.
  14. AlloyMx95

    Best slip on??

    FMF 4.1 = 99 db. It gives the motor alittle more bottom and mid and a good bit of top.
  15. AlloyMx95

    07 kx 250f gearing

    Down one tooth in the rear (13-47) for outdoors.