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  1. isimmins

    DRC EZ Wire Kit - Problem

    Ditch DRC and buy: http://proracing.co.uk/xc_lighting.htm
  2. isimmins

    1987 CR250 Restoration - UK

    Thanks, how heavy was the weight which tried to eject itslef?
  3. isimmins

    1987 CR250 Restoration - UK

    Anyone know of a good source for flywheel weights for a 1987 CR250? Steahly do one for the 87 500 which say can be adapted but I was looking for something straightforward. Thanks in advance.
  4. isimmins

    1987 CR250 Restoration - UK

    Having messed around with a DRZ universal loom some time ago and then sold it on I just made the bike road legal without lights. I have now got a basic wiring loom from www.proracing.co.uk, fitted it this morning and it all seems to work. Here is a video showing my headlight at last working. Not very exciting but it pleased me. You can review the whole restoration here. So, nightime trailk riding coming soon......
  5. isimmins

    1987 CR250 enduro pipe/spark arrestor???

    Thanks for the tip. I've found a 1987 FMF spark arrestor for the CR250 so I'll see how that goes.
  6. I have a 1987 CR250 which I have made road legal and I'm looking for a suitable spark arrestor. Does anyone know if one was ever made or has anyone adapted another type to fit a late 80s CR250/500 and if so, what type? Thanks Ian PS See the restoration here
  7. isimmins

    1987 CR250 Restoration - UK

    Now 100% UK road legal...... :ride:
  8. isimmins

    Post pics of your CR's

  9. isimmins

    Jetting on a 1987 CR250

    How does the bike run? OK upto about 1/3 throttle. What does the plug look like? Bit oily but otherwise clean. What altitude do you ride at? A few hundred feet. Do you notice a difference with the engine hot? No
  10. isimmins

    Jetting on a 1987 CR250

    CR is running rich - oil dripping out of pipe, main jet size is 178, slow jet 85. Clymer manual says standard is 175/58. The manual also states that the carb should be a Keihin PJ26A. My bike has got a PJ28C, this is what it came with. I'm running it with a Pro-Circuit pipe. 40:1 petrol/oil mix. Two questions: Will the different carbs make much difference? Can someone give me a good starting point for sizes of main/slow jets? Thanks Ian
  11. isimmins

    1987 CR250 Restoration - UK

    What, as opposed to a knobbly tyre with far less rubber in contact with the road at any one time? I've ridden other bikes with both and a trials tyre is far more sticky.
  12. isimmins

    1987 CR250 Restoration - UK

    Yep, I'm planning to road legalize it. Just waiting on Honda to confirm year of manufacture then I can get it registered....
  13. isimmins

    1987 CR250 Restoration - UK

    Thanks JJRace, well spotted! Brake line now routed correctly.
  14. isimmins

    1987 CR250 Restoration - UK

    Honda - 1987 to 1989 are interchangeable. The inner clutch cover is from a 1988. I used Service Honda as they were cheaper than me buying it in the UK. http://www.servicehonda.com/parts.html