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  1. I've run an fmf q2 muffler on my 250f for a few years, and ive only run 110 leaded fuel. Every time i rode it, i had to adjust the fuel screw, and it was always finicky with slight elevation changes (trail riding). it felt sluggish overall. A few days ago i swapped mufflers for my dr.d. The header (dr.d) had it a coating of lead inside that would pour out in sand-sized chunks when i scraped at it with a flathead screwdriver. A lot came out, i never got it all out. The next day riding, my bike felt awake, a ton more power. It would wheelie in every gear, when with the q2 it would struggle in 3rd. Riding up some familiar hill climbs, i could go up them in 3rd pinned without bogging or clutching any. When I had the q2 on, it was very difficult to get up them IF I did, while using a handful of clutch. My dr.d was uncorked; no sparky and no cone insert. i didn't think a simple muffler swap could make such a difference, but after seeing the lead in the header, and lead build up on the muffler tip, i'm thinking the q2 is clogged up. Is this just a fantasy, is it possible, or does the q2 really choke it up that much? I couldn't find anything in the search here, so any input would be greatly appreciated. ~Tony
  2. yz250ftony

    Trail YZ250F

    My yz250f is strictly a trail bike, and it does well. pro moto billet kickstand, reserve petcock from a wr, +2 teeth on the rear, flatland racing skid+rad guards, easy-kick on starter, quick-shot and zip ty screw on the carb, dr.d bar mount hot start, stage 1 hot cams (2001 didn't come with auto decompression), dr.d SS header with fmf Q2 muffler for trails (dr.d can for private property), and a sdg gripper seat. i've never had any reliability problems, loads of low end, and it sips on the gas. i've never used reserve. it outlasts the 250t's and 450's i ride with on fuel. the fuel screw is really easy to adjust while riding if i need to change something. the kickstand folds up high like a ktm's, so it doesn't flop down or hang up on anything. the stock seat is unbearable on trails. it is too slippery and feels close to sitting on the fender. i don't have a light, but i don't ride at night and usually ride directional trails. i don't have an e-button, but it fires up easily cold, or hot with the bar mount hot start. being a lighter guy, i don't need flywheel weights for it to carry me around. i think the yz can be made into a great trail bike since you're starting with a lightweight bare platform. you can build it how you want to. personally, i wouldn't need electric start on the wr, and i'd probably strip a lot off of it. the yz might take a little money, but it would be more tailored for your riding. i geared down, since i don't ride higher speed trails, where the wr would blow past me in the desert, but i could out handle one in the tight stuff. Just an idea i have...is it possible to swap tranny internals from an 01 yz125 to an 01 yz250f? A 6-speed would be icing on the came to me for this bike on the trails. ~Tony
  3. yz250ftony

    Leg position in corners

    Could this happen if your leg is out? Interesting how the gear/number/bike matches yours. I think this is called the "turn scrub"
  4. yz250ftony

    Leg position in corners

    1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, and 10th pics you have your knee on the tank. 9th looks different from 10th, maybe it has to do with the direction you're turning. In the 6th (ktm) you have your leg in a similar position, but not on the tank, still flat-footed. Never seen this style before. Maybe if you're trying to slide...like in the 4th, 7th, 9th and 10th.
  5. yz250ftony

    Another quite exhaust ?

    Actually, i run a dr.d stainless header with the fmf q2 muffler. I run the dr.d with cone insert (NOT QUIET) for the tracks/desert, and q2 for trails, private property, ect. The dr.d system gives more low-mid range power. q2 takes away the bottom-mid for me and left the high. Its still easy to trail ride (i weigh 125 and +2 on the rear sprocket). i didnt notice any power/response difference with or without the cone, it's still loud with it aftrer re-packing. Dr.d claimed it's 96db (california legal) but i highly doubt it. The q2 is obviously noise compliant. i've ridden both on the track and raced with the q2. i couldn't hear my bike whenever anyone was by me, but it still had enough low end pull to get a hard launch off the gate and be 2 lengths behind the holeshot. I dont know anything about the q4 or combining it with different headers. I do know that the megabomb lowers the db a little bit. You could be like me and swap mufflers before rides, or just go with one. My dr.d is the first generation. Sounds amazing.
  6. yz250ftony

    New to TT, Just picked up 08' WR450F

    hey Greg, nice to see you on TT! to post a pic: and it comes out like:
  7. yz250ftony

    Riding in the dust-lung infection

    Have you been tested for cystic fibrosis? You shouldnt have any mucus in there. There are thousands of different mutations. Some people arent diagnosed until they're 50. Might have a mild case. The nebulizer is to get the medication in there. They probably also gave you hypertonic saline to help break up the mucus. From there, you still need to get it out since it's broken up. There is the IPV and Vest. If you used an IPV, the nebulizer doubles as airway clearance (tons of tubes).
  8. yz250ftony

    POLL... Head pipe.. wich one do you use??

    DRD SS header with fmf Q2 muffler. I sometimes use the DRD muffler (first gen) if i'm not riding trails. Surprisingly...the 2 different make pipes fit.
  9. yz250ftony

    Best Helmet Cam?

    What are the specs on all those cameras? I run a Twenty-20 cam, 2007 model with the wide angle lens. I've only mounted it on my helmet with the flat lens, and only on fender with the wide angle. I'm still experimenting with angles/lenses/mounting positions. I put the mic in a piece of foam to reduce the wind noise, highly effective. On helmet i mount it behind the helmet. On the fender i put the mic in the number plate. Resolution: 656x492 (480 Scan Lines) Min. Illumination: <.01 Lux (Day and Night) Temperature Range: -40C to +105C degrees Frames Per Second (fps): 30 Standard Angle - 75 degrees Wide Angle - 90 degrees (optional) Battery Life: 16 to 20 hours per 9v It ran me 250 without a video recorder. I picked up an aiptek recorder with 2gig card (90 mins of video). Quality is great, but i have to scale it down a lot to fit on youtube. http://twenty20camera.com/product_specs.php I dont have that good of footage yet: Fender mount with wide angle: helmet mount with flat lens: I am going the same speed in both in the end. The wide angle looks a lot better. Hill with wide angle on fender: There you can see that the wide angle washed out the color. Green trees look white. Little wheelie on the fender: i didnt know it was right in the sun. On the track with flat lens, over a year ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGHWnVVX-CQ Quality was taken down a LOT so it would fit. sounds like crap compared to the other clips.
  10. yz250ftony

    Riding in the dust-lung infection

    I'd sleep for 13-14 hours on weekends, and no matter how much i ate or drank, i'd still be tired all day. Caffeine had no effect. Then my grades started dropping from lack of sleep. i was only on 3 antibiotics. sporonox in capsule, and tobramycin and something else in iv. At home its just levaquin, sporonox, and nebulized tobra. Im thinking of switching to something else from levaquin. i feel sore in some joints, but not as bad last time i was on it. Did they give you an IV or a picc line?
  11. yz250ftony

    Riding in the dust-lung infection

    There were some major riding areas shut down in the california desert recently because there are traces of asbestos in the dirt. I want to say mojave but not sure... anyways, people have been riding out there since the beginning of dirtbikes and there hasn't been a problem...environazis at it again. in no way am i supporting them, because dust has a lot of other crap in it. 99.99% of people are ok after exposure. Not everyone can get sick from things like i do. so when we go out, we either put me in the front, or space out so it settles. How is it that i've never had a problem with this before?
  12. Ti is very strong, but because of this, it isn't very flexible;not so malleable. Ceramics for example, are strong, but they break easily with a shock of force; not malleable. lead on the other hand, is very soft, but doesn't break when hit with a hammer; malleable. chemistry anyone? WHO CARES, does it work?
  13. It comes from the factory with a Ti header because of its properties(atleast mine did). Ti acts like a heat sink, pulling heat from the engine, thus making it run cooler. Other materials also do this, but Ti does it better than SS. SS is just cheaper. Honestly, i've never noticed any difference between the 2. I run a Dr.d stainless header.
  14. The picture was taken in 2006.