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  1. I had to take a picture. Wife and I were cleaning out the garage, our bikes got lined up and just made for a good shot. 2 thumpers (DRZ400 mine, DR200 hers), 2 baby thumpers (CRF50 hers, Pitster 125 mine), V-4 (VFR800 mine), V-twin (Aprilia Falco hers), and the pit bike two smoke. Street, dual sport or mini: gots it covered! Hahaha
  2. Huey130

    Not at all DRZ related...

    ..well except this is why I haven't been able to ride mine. My "blog" from the road race team the last few weeks. http://www.themotorcycleshop.net/Huey/SFweblog.html Or if you wanna just look at pics: http://www.themotorcycleshop.net/Huey Now this week at the shop and FINALLY then I'll get to go on Sunday! I can't wait!
  3. Huey130

    My DRZ vid from the pics section

    Nahh she bottomed it out! I put new racetechs front and rear but didn't bother changing and valving or rebuilding anything because I'm still learning dirt. I do think I definately need to go with some more agressive valving or at least ensure the compression is cranked all the way in right now. I will say she overjumped that one pretty far and that was a pretty big landing (from what little I've seen anyway). Later you can see that when she hits the backsides of the humps it does OK. Earlier in the day my friend was getting some tape of me rolling those jumps (I can do 2 of those doubles!) and caught someone landing about where she did and just piling it by tucking the front. I should post that one too!
  4. Just a funny lil video: http://media.putfile.com/Durhamtown-Girl This chick was riding a RMZ after coming from racing KTMs. I asked her to take mine for a spin because I just wanted to see it do some of the bigger jumps. I ride almost nothing but trails so it was cool to see it flying through the air... even if it took a chick 18 years younger, 150 lbs lighter and a foot shorter than me to do it! Hahahahaha I really need to crank in the compression or get some better valving. I have the fattest springs I could stuff in there though!
  5. ...without me. http://media.putfile.com/Durhamtown-Girl
  6. Huey130

    Travis Pastrana NC3 Question

    Austria Thus all the KTMs http://www.erzberg-trophy.at/
  7. Huey130

    Travis Pastrana NC3 Question

    That's the one.
  8. Huey130

    Travis Pastrana NC3 Question

    The shop I goto has a copy of a DVD that's nothing but that race. I'll find out the name of it.
  9. Huey130

    Nothing as sweet as a

    I'd ask for my money back! They forgot to put the head on and just left that block-off plate on the jug!
  10. Huey130

    pics of you garage

    My garage from a few years back at the beginning of the racing season: Mostly WERA bikes, few AMA bikes and my VFR and wife's Bandit. The one tore down on the close work bench is a 04 SV650 w/ 12 miles on it. I wrenchy, no racey. Now less racebikes and wife's Bandit got replaced with her Aprilia Falco and I traded the SV on the far stand for my DRZ and bought her an 06 DR200.
  11. Huey130

    Trails near Louisville

    It's on the list! Thank you. We rode a bit on the farm but with the ground being frozen and the roads covered with grass it was pretty gnarly. Our nephew had a CLAPPED out PW80. It was so bad when you kicked it you bottomed out the suspension. So we went ove to S&S on Christmas Eve and got him a 2006 CRF80! Can't wait till we get some time to head up to Bucks!
  12. As much as I respect Danny... my wife would kill me if I didn't say mine was for Nikki! Hahahaha
  13. This year we'll be doing Formula Xtreme and SuperSport. The bikes look like police bikes, hard to miss. Opie writes a column for the AMA site: http://www.amasuperbike.com/article.php?UID=78klzq4jWYAKBOiBCfeZVeERRFY1OQ&sc=1153&aid= I got to write the one for Road America... check out why. It's the one titled I wrenchy, no racey.
  14. Mid Ohio was funny this year. We took my little trailer and one 10X10' easy up. We looked so ghetto! Hahahaha I'd really like to go a week early and goto those vintage days. Stop in this year and say hi!
  15. I crew chiefed for Opie Caylor this last year and will be going with him to Safety First Suzuki next year.