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  1. mjskier

    Tips to selling a dirtbike?

    Suspension work means nothing. Unless the new rider is the same weight you are, they will have to redo the work. I never understood the argument that a bike is more desirable because it was trail ridden. When you take an MX bike on tight technical trails, you are more likely to abuse the clutch and overheat it than you would riding it on an MX track.
  2. mjskier

    Valley Dirt Riders (VDR-MX) Closing!

    Drove by today. More activity! At least 2 dozers, and one was building what looks like a giant bowl turn. (That's as much as I dared looking, with I25 traffic going bumper to bumper and going from 80mph to zero for no apparent reason)
  3. It was indeed pretty easy. I used a smaller bit through the hole to give me a sense for the angle. Lined up the drill and let the bit find its way.
  4. Hey all, I'm building a wheel to convert my crf450 to flat track. It turns out that the Buchanans spokes are marginally oversized and require drilling the spoke holes with a .204" bit (#6) I'm just curious of any technique or jig to make sure that the holes are enlarged correctly and at the correct angle. Thanks for any idea.
  5. mjskier

    Remove float valve seat? (07 crf450r)

    Luckily for me, it looks like I won't have to mess with it. I was asking because after forgetting to drain the bowl last winter, the carb was so gummed up that I had to thoroughly clean it. (10% ethanol in Colorado) I got a rebuild kit from Bike Bandit, and after I buttoned everything back I had a drip from the overflow. I just tried with the original valve needle, and no more drip. I suppose I might have needed to readjust the float height. The 2 needles have some very slight differences. Not sure if it is a difference in height, or diameter that was causing the issue.
  6. mjskier

    Remove float valve seat? (07 crf450r)

    Are we talking about the same thing? The part I am asking about is the brass insert.
  7. Anybody knows how to remove the float valve seat on an 07 crf450r carb? (What model Keihin is it anyway?) I'm talking about part 36 on this page. I'm not sure if it is press fitted, or screwed in. And it has no obvious way to grab it. http://sudco.com/fcrmx.html Thanks!
  8. mjskier

    Valley Dirt Riders (VDR-MX) Closing!

    CORCS is having their next event at Jewel (formally Watkins) Maybe they could be talked into running a winter series? (or Jewell MX might be interested into picking up the baton from VDR)
  9. mjskier

    VDR Hare Scramble Round 6 - Feb 8, 2015

    Somebody posted this link on facebook: http://363photography.smugmug.com/VDR-Hare-Scramble/ Kind of "back to the future" since the date is 2/28/2015...
  10. mjskier

    VDR Hare Scramble Round 6 - Feb 8, 2015

    No more racing for me. At least not without flaggers on the jumps with blind landings.
  11. mjskier

    VDR Hare Scramble Round 6 - Feb 8, 2015

    VDR needs to add a water crossing...
  12. mjskier

    94 husky 610 issues please help

  13. mjskier

    Auto decompression

    Sorry to revive this old thread, but I've run into the same issue on an '11 TE 630 Is there a way to remove the camshaft bearing without destroying it? I have seen people heat up a shaft bearing to install it. But it would be hard to heat it up without also heating up the shaft once it is installed...
  14. Anybody has a Semco dongle (to connect iBeat to a TE 610/630) they don't use anymore and want to sell?
  15. mjskier

    All things CORCS

    According to the f/b page, rescheduled for the weekend of 4/26-27 (fear of flash flood and the well being of everybody involved)