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  1. brocsiefert

    Lc4 Number Plate Backgrounds ?

    I'm pretty certain Powersport Grafx makes number plate backgrounds for the Lc4. They are the approved vender for custom graphics by KTM North America and have templates for literally everything.
  2. brocsiefert

    Pre Printed Numbers???

    Powersport Grafx has the templates for all the DRZ400 models including the headlights. Be sure to let them know if you have a front number plate or someother brand of headlight.
  3. brocsiefert

    Informational Warning - graphicmx.com

    I really can't say anything about Graphic MX but after the experiences I've had with Powersport Grafx I can't imagine buying my backgrounds anywhere else. They have been extremely easy to work with and have been very accommodating of my odd requests. I know when I call someone will always answer the phone. This was extremely important when it was time to put on the first right side number panel. They took all the time I needed to walk me through it. Has Powersport Grafx been perfect. No! And that is why I will continue to buy from them. They forgot to put the AMA logos on the second set I purchased, which I needed for the weekend. After calling them, a new, correct set arrived at my door the next day via Next Day Air at their expense and they didn't want the incorrect ones back! I have learned long ago that the quality of a company is based on how well they react to a problem. Its obvious to me that Powerspor Grafx is a high quality company that does not leave their customers holding the bag on bad work.
  4. brocsiefert

    pre-printed backgrounds?

    Powersport Grafx has all the bodywork templates for all the DRZ models. Even better, their side panel number plate decals actually fit unlike those in the picture. If you call them, be sure to specify the year model and if the headlight is stock or if you have a front number plate and what it is. They can be reached at 800-903-6764 or powersportgrafx.com.
  5. brocsiefert

    Perfect Graphics

    Being a sign guy working in vinyl, I knew to ask a lot of questions when stepping up to my first set of backgrounds. One of those I called was Powesport Grafx. Dave, the person who answered the phone, was extremely helpful in explaining why their backgrounds were superior to most of the others including the cut rate ones. Powersport Grafx has not taken the low road but uses a vinyl made specifically for dirt bike graphics that is both extemely pliable and durable. The downside of better quality is that their graphics are more expensive than Rocky Mtns. He noted that it has an adhesive that is formulated for dirt bike plastic and under normal use will not peel. The important thing is that I was treated extremely well, the graphics arrived on time and went on easily. It has been several months now and they look as good as the day I put them on. Would I buy from them again? Without a doubt!
  6. brocsiefert

    KDX 220 number plates

    If you want pre-numbered custom plates, try Powersport Grafx. They make them for all year models of the KDX200/220 in some really sweeet styles. They can be reached at 800-903-6764 or powersportgrafx.com.
  7. brocsiefert

    costom graphics

    You may want to try Powersport Grafx. Although they are the approved vender for KTM graphics by KTM North America, they also make graphics for virtually every dirt bike model made in the last number of years. If you want a complete set (shrouds, fenders, air box, lower fork guard and swing arm) plan on spending $169 to $199. While this may seem pricy, they will also give you your choice of logos and design. They can be reached at 800-903-6764.