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  1. Good thing you guys were there. Snapped my chain 100 yards up the fire road going into drinkwater, after getting a donor master link from a couple guys and some help with the install from 545 I was on my way. I'm all thumbs, so again the help was much appreciated. Beers on me next time I see you guys.
  2. Just starting to walk normally after spending some time in the hills with Roger I'm out for this weekend
  3. I'm gonna take a loop through DWF Sunday morning I think, entering off squito and dumping out wherever. Not real interested in crossing over to Rowher, just gonna do circles in DWF for a few hours then head home.
  4. Looks like tomorrow is the plan for me. I'm gonna come in through SA1 on the early side, hit some trails at a mellow pace, go down the bouquet side and up into DWF, then exit out on squito and go home. For those of you that know where I used to live, I moved to the other side of town and I'm just up the road from Roger - so I figure alot of my rides are either going to start or end in DWF. If that works for you guys pm me for what time etc.
  5. I will let you and Roger know if I roll out, I prefer Saturday to Sunday but it depends on some other-than-riding stuff I have to do. I will be out one of the days for sure though.
  6. Thinking Saturday, depending on a couple of things. I'll keep you posted.
  7. It's about to be ON! Haven't ridden in four months, gonna hit up rowher this weekend. It's been so long that the place might actually be interesting again Probably not gonna be moving very fast or covering too many miles but let me know if you're gonna be out there maybe we can meet up. Roger?
  8. I think I got another couple weeks of supermoto in me (mainly because of the heat) before I switch back to dirt and come tag along with you guys, but I still read the thread every day to see what everybody is up to. I just can't wait for some cooler temps and hopefully some rain.
  9. Oh that's right, I gotta stay outta the sun.
  10. helix was that you with the ktm smoker? I didn't realize that was you or I would have said something.