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    Why is it that users/consumers rarely ever see the results of surveys? It would be nice if a TT user could put together a survey/database/questionnaire for people to honestly give opinions of their bikes and for others to see. Also included would be a section of upgrades/improvements made to their bikes that would be ranked on a scale from 1 to 10 of how much a difference the upgrade made for the bike. For example, I see a lot of people buying things like; JD Jet Kit, ZipTy Fuel Screw, Boysen Quickshot, Powernow & Powernow Plus, Different exhaust, CCC mods, etc... The nice thing would be to be able to go to a database that showed that most people ranked a certain upgrade 10 out of 10. Then people would know that this would/should be the first improvement made because it was the most effective. This would help newbies, such as me, and the industry, such as Honda Inc., see what real people are saying and demand. I think I've filled out 2 or 3 surveys since my purchase in 2004 and haven't seen any feedback/results. Any thoughts about this from anyone else?
  2. dhdschamp

    my valve clearences

    My clearences were all tight except one. Exhaust left: .009 Exhaust right: .009 Intake left: .003 Intake right: .005 o.k. Is it comman for the clearence to be tight? Or, Loose? Also, is there a good place to purchase these shims? One of the bike shops I called wanted $7.00 for each one.
  3. dhdschamp

    releasing the tension on the cam chain

    I found the problem when I got back to it last night. I ended up taking the tensioner completely off to see just how it worked. It turns out I was using a faulty Craftsman screwdriver. The handle of the screwdriver is broke and the blade was just pivoting in the handle. When I used a different screwdriver I found out how it works. It only turns about a quarter turn to release the tension. Thanks for all your help! It just goes to show you again that "the right tools can make the job easier" and in my case "the unbroken tools".
  4. dhdschamp

    releasing the tension on the cam chain

    That's what makes sense to me but Heckler's post and the Service Manual (I think) sais CW.
  5. I'm confused about this part of the process. Heckler wrote: I use a small flat blade screwdriver to release the tension, turning it clockwise will release the tension on the chain. I use a small set of vise grips to hold the screwdriver in place, the tension will hold the vice grips against the side cover holding it in place. If you wish to avoid this step or don’t have the vice grips or screwdriver you can completely remove the chain tensioner by removing the two bolts that attach it to the head. When I got to this part, I slid my screw driver in to the blind hole, placed it into what felt like a slot for the screwdriver, and began to turn it clockwise. I expected to feel or see something different as I turned the screwdriver but, I saw and felt nothing different as I kept turning. Did I screw up the adjustment? How will I get it back to where it was before? Do I turn it counterclockwise until a certain point? It sounds like I might have been better to just remove the tensioner completely without messing with the adjustment of it. My intake valves are: right side: .005 left side: .003 exhaust valves are: right side: .009 left side: .009 So, now I'm looking to remove the existing shims to measure and adjust accordingly. Also, Heckler said to use a "Quality" torque wrench. What kind or where would be a good place to get one. I saw Sears had a Craftsman for about $160. Is that what I should expect to pay for one. Is there one that will cover every screw that I would need one for? If so, please let me know so I don't have to purchase more than one. Thanks
  6. dhdschamp

    04 CRF250X Rear Spokes

    I had the same problem. I first thought it was bad bearings but, upon closer investigation, I noticed that the hub wasn't wiggling. It was the spokes! Man, they were loose. I couldn't believe it. I've never seen a wheel like that before. I hope I didn't damage anything because I don't know how long it's been like that.
  7. dhdschamp


    I don't get to ride my 250X as often as I'd like. If I'm lucky about once or twice per month but, the last couple times I rode I had problems starting it, keeping it to idle, and when giving it quick twists of the trottle it seemed to want to bog down first (which is really irritating). Are all these signs of valves needing adjustment or is it a combo of valves and something else? The bike will be 2 years old in May and I've never done anything except changing of fluids. Partly due to the fact that I don't put much time on it per year. And, what's the deal with the spark plug being burried. It's a pain to get to. And I'm worried about getting any dirt or debris down in there. Any suggestions?
  8. dhdschamp

    Transmission Oil Change

    Last night I changed the tranny oil for the first time on my 250X. The manual said after drained to fill it up with the spec. amount. I think .67 qt's. After doing that it sais to make sure there is enough by cracking open the check screw. My question is should this be done on a bike stand or with the bike resting on its wheels? I initially had it on the stand and when I cracked open the check screw, the oil just poured out. So, I thought, I'll try it with the wheels on the ground. After the wheels were on the ground, nothing came out. I actually had to put more oil back in. Anyone with experience with this? My stand was level and the bike was level on the stand but, there is a difference between level on a stand and level on the ground.
  9. dhdschamp

    CRF230 DualSport tires

    A guy at mxsales.com recommended IRC GP1 or GP110.
  10. dhdschamp

    CRF230 DualSport tires

    What about the Kenda Dual Sport K761?
  11. dhdschamp

    CRF230 DualSport tires

    That is so intelligent. Thank you so much! I had no idea that I could do that! Now, is there anyone else who could actually answer my posted question without stating the obvious? I really would appreciate it.
  12. dhdschamp

    CRF230 DualSport tires

    I just bought a lighting kit and am in the middle of installing it. I was wondering what would be a good tire to run on the road instead of the knobbies. Should I get a set of enduro (on/off road) tires or look into street tires (supermotard)? Could I get recommendations for either way? Also, what would they cost, where could I get them at a good price, and what is typical installation cost? Or is installation something that I could do with the right tools? Please let me know. Thanks!