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  1. So here is where I stand right now -- I'm out of town for a few weeks for work. While I'm away, I've left the bike at a local mechanics shop. So far,We've replaced the stator with a new HO Rickystator, new ignition coil (ebay-working), new CDI box (ebay- working). After installing the new stator -the spark became much stronger and more consistent. John, the mechanic, said it sparks 4-5x and thats it. John replaced the "crank rotor" (magneto?) after speaking to a few other people. Also said he continuity tested all wiring, checked terminations, and all is good, but mentioned maybe he "missed something"". He is 100% confident it is an electrical issue -- I'm at a loss, whats left? I guess I'll see if i can find a decent looking wire harness on ebay to ship to him to try.
  2. Yes, fresh gas since than. Also, I should mention there is no headlight/taillight or killswitch connected right now -- i wouldn't think that affects ignition but maybe it needs to see a load? Mechanic said spark is much hotter and more consistent since new stator, but still won't start. He said while turning it over with a drill it will spark 3-4x and thats it...
  3. It's been drained and refueled already...No water anywhere.
  4. Really...? There IS fresh gas in the tank...
  5. So here's where I stand right now, I'm at a bit of a loss and could use any suggestions.. The XR is at a local shop - Mechanic has set valves to proper clearances, check carb, etc. He said mechanically there is no reason the thing should not run. So we assume it has to be electrical. I had him remove the Electrex kit, installed a RickyStator HO stator kit/voltage regulator with stock wiring configuration. After installing, the spark is significantly crisper and sparks "3-4x now." But...the bike still won't start. At this point, he thinks it's the CDI box. He doesn't have a peak voltage adapter (nor did local Honda dealer) to test the CDI. So I purchased a CDI box off of Ebay from a "running bike" - He slapped that on this morning and still no progress. Does anybody have ANY other insight? I'm at a loss.. I'm getting beat up by this thing and have dumped way more money than I wanted to into it.
  6. NewJersey

    Thanks for the replies everybody! I was looking for an independent shops, I'm familiar with both Hanover and Pompton. A few people I know haven't had the best of luck with Cycle Exchange.
  7. I'm looking to drop an XR400r off to a local shop for some tune up work. The XR won't start -- I've rejetted, checked valve clearances. The overflow from the carb leaks like crazy, even after replacing the float valve and checking float height. I'm super busy with work and don't have much time to tinker and I want to RIDE!! So, I'm looking to take it to a local shop, but don't have any experience with anybody. I'm located in NW Morris County, Can anyone make a suggestion?
  8. So, I received the new float valve yesterday. No seat -- is that a different part number? Installed the new valve, checked/set float level to 14.5mm min and ~19mm max. Reinstalled carb and it still leaks! Still can't get it to fire up.
  9. I previously checked float height when I recently disassembled and cleaned carb. I'll be double checking since it's still leaking.. Yes, the old coil was no longer working properly, no spark-- New coil (from an '04) installed and created nice spark right away. The plug boot was already connected.
  10. Would a bad float valve cause issues with starting? The bike clearly leaks fuel out of the overflow tube as soon as fuel reaches the carb. I'm having a hard time getting her started after sitting for awhile. I've ordered a new valve and seat and awaiting arrival. Installed a new ignition coil and I now have spark - no mods other than 155/55 jetting, uni filter w/ snorkel removed, and 96' muffler w/ baffle in.
  11. Once the bike has a street title, transferring from state to state is no big deal. My XR was street titled in Arizona and I transferred it to NJ title without any issues. Baja designs sells individual parts/accessories for their dual sport kits on their website.
  12. thanks!
  13. So I reverted back to stock wiring (minus headlight/taillight) and connected a new ignition coil -- Bike now has spark. Still can't get her to fire up and my previous carb cleaning didn't help the fuel leaking from overflow. Whats the part number for the float needle? Would this cause starting issues? I'm going to recheck the valves and set decompression lever again, can't hurt right?
  14. Thanks for the link Val! I've got a hard copy of a Clymer manual as well. I guess the best thing I can do is strip the dakar kit off and revert back to stock wiring for testing? I can see nothing but problems in the future with this kit..it's pretty dated as is. Perhaps I can upgrade the stator, put a new headlight on and just re-wire a brake light up, as the XR is already plated and NJ no longer requires motorcycle inspections from the DMV.
  15. So, after I got home from work today, I took a closer look at the XR. First things first -- Spark test. So there is no spark at all, I put a new plug in while she was in the garage, but this was the first test on it. As I mentioned before, the PO installed an Electrex dual sport kit. I'm gonna see if I can find a schematic online, but I have no idea where to begin with this dated kit...I'm tempted to revert back to stock wiring. Any electrical gurus out there?