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  1. I have a 2002 xr 50 trying to hook up the teather switch and can not get it to work does anyone know how. my teather has 3 wires black red green ive tried different things to get it to work but cant figure it out. Thanks, TJ
  2. Honda

    je pistons makes kits for the 400ex that would be your best bet i think. i made my old 400 a 406 je kit it works well.
  3. i have a plate but took it off as the first mod to the yfz450 no insur. no dot tires. got to catch me first.
  4. Yamaha

    i recently bought a yfz 450 and put pro design k&n type filter kit on full hmf system and gyt-r jet kit and needle, and retarded the ex. cam. just wondered what kind of jets everyone else was running in theirs. i have a 170 main 48 pilot air screw 2-2 1/4 out. runs like a dream.
  5. vm 26mm carb sorry forgot
  6. I recently bought the takegawa 124 super head kit and was wondering what kind of main and pilot jets to run in it. I'm from pa. any help will be appreciated.