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  1. The best advice I can give you would be to try and have a shot of someones bike thats the best way. I had a CRF250 and went up to 450f in January after borrowing a friends bike and looked back.
  2. Thanks for the tips we are staying at the Hyatt in OC Anaheim for 3 nights arriving on the 16th March,we set of on the Sunday for las Vegas before heading back down to San Diego on the 21st March. Easy directions or hints on wheres best and whats not, Ive got a KXF450 and would quite like some bling from Pro Circuit, maybe graphics, engine case covers, I may even stretch to an exhaust, (just dont tell the wife!) I guess the bottom line is a store that has it all and store thats a bit trick would be the business, I cant see the wife wanting to trail from shop to shop every day. Let me know your thoughts. ATB
  3. Guys I really appreciate that we are due to arrive in Las Vegas on the 19th March leaving on the 21st, excuse my ignorance, how easy are you to find from the centre? Thats the strip??
  4. Right guys, looking for a bit of direction. Me and the Mrs are coming across to California for 8 days on vacation. We're staying in O.C before travelling up to Lasvegas then back down to San Diego. The thing is, Im looking to pick some motox gear, bling and anything else worth buying that I can squeeze in my case. Bottom line is, name some shops guys, whats on offer and where best to go. Im motocross mental and would even go to a track to watch, I'll be led by you guys....what do you think? Im only travelling 5321 miles
  5. Fantastic, saved on my laptop, when I need inspiration I might just play it.
  6. Lotus Elan convertable, Turbo
  7. Stick your bike in the paper and get a KXF
  8. Well I thought if they were coming out of the closet that they might be gay
  9. Fly me over, put me up 5star and give some spending money and I'll design your track.
  10. If carbon fibres your thang....... Ive ordered the chain guide and rear disk gaurd. http://www.pro-carbonracing.co.uk/KX_450F.htm
  11. Why are they gay?
  12. From Scotland kiddie winkles..Dunfermline
  13. Trade in and get a KXF450.....
  14. Im with you on that one, the weathers sh t at the moment!! In fact that video was so good I went out to the garage and changed my filter.
  15. Clear the bikes throat!! Are you riding hard enough or just pottering around? This would cause your bike to piss oil out the exhaust.