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  1. TS248

    supercross 1996 torrents here

    Can someone with Orlando please seed, theres a few of us stuck on 99.8 percent.
  2. http://www.mxofnations.com/ Click on the blue bar under welcome.
  3. TS248

    Sean Hamblin Gooning in 2003!

    Whats really funny is that thats how he actually rides now, or atleast you would think so looking at his results for the last year or so.
  4. You are the man buddy, thanks for your time people all over the world appreciate this.
  5. TS248

    Anaheim I torrent here

    Thankyou very much.
  6. TS248

    Ivan Tedesco on his rmz 450

    I retract my corner statement but i do think he will be lucky to finish in the top 5 at the end of the championship, indoor or out.
  7. TS248

    Ivan Tedesco on his rmz 450

    Looks a bit slow in the corners to me, he will be lucky to get a top 5 next year.
  8. TS248

    Sticking forks?

    Thanks guys.
  9. TS248

    Sticking forks?

    Thanks for the help but i dont understand what you mean by bound up.
  10. TS248

    Sticking forks?

    My forks take a bit of force to start moving through the stroke, its like they stick at the very top but when they move they are fine, what would cause this?
  11. TS248

    Front end too light?

    OK, thanks for the help. I hope there is no problem with the shock it took them 6 weeks to do the rebuild i dont want to have to wait another 6. for a problem to be fixed!
  12. TS248

    Front end too light?

    My shock has just been rebuilt, it was my 2nd time on the bike since it was done, the first time the track wasnt rough but this time it was.