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  1. chris brown

    disc gaurd?????

    my dad just got back into the dirt @ 61 yrs old. he bought an 07 klx 250 and loves it but hates finding no parts available for it. can you guys help me out with what dic guard to go with on this bike. thanks
  2. chris brown

    Tips for slick roots?

    softer suspension settings help alot. your bike won't deflect out from under you as much. set it as soft as you can without hurting your setup for the rest of the trail [whoops & sand]. here on the east coast we run everything from 3ft sand whoops to boulder fields, so you want your settings to be as soft as you can get buy with in your roughest obstacles. a very soft setting will kick ass in roots & rocks but will kill you in whoops. you need to find you softest setting you can run in you roughest terrain.
  3. chris brown

    CRF450 15-Tooth Countershaft

    my buddy has a 15 on his 02, just had to file down the nub slightly.
  4. chris brown

    super moto tracks ont the east coast

    the new owner just started running bike classes every weekend that they race.
  5. chris brown

    squeaky wheel syndrome

    you always hear bad stuff about east coast wheels from the few that have had problems, rarely the good that have had good things to say. you all know the old saying " the squeaky wheel gets the grease". i'm sure that alot more people have had good experiences with jeff and his crew than bad or he wouldn't still be in business and expanding at a pace thats hard to keep up with. they don't deserve the constant bashing from the few that they get. i completely understand when it's race time and you need your stuff, but i also know about running a small business and everyone wanting their stuff asap. in my opinion you couldn't ask for a better vendor than east coast wheels!
  6. chris brown

    First time coming up on Saturday

    i'm also an A enduro rider and the biggest thing i noticed was to use sweeping lines. the cut and thrust style we use in eastern enduros is way different. you'll get it fast, just stay foward and on the gas till you think you might not make the turn and you'll be good. you may also never get tired, this is way easy on you after racing 120 mile enduros. good luck!
  7. chris brown

    not sure about pipe

    passenger peg is fine. just gonna take a little work on the rear mount i guess, and yes i know i have to go with the 25 pilot. thanks
  8. chris brown

    not sure about pipe

    i just came hom with a full race yosh rs3 and a dj stage 1 kit for an s model thinking it would work for my new sm. i'm not sure that the rear mount is going to work. anyone else have this problem? i also opened up my carb thinking i was going to have to go up to a 142.5 main only to find out thats what is in there with a 22.5 pilot which i was expecting. any help would be appreciated. i know how to get the jetting where it has to be but why do all that work if someone already has it figured out. thanks