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    cooked my barrel should i hone it

    The 3 pronged hone which you mentioned will not hone your cylinder round no matter what he says. I'm a machinist with many years behind me to back this claim up. While it might look good after he's done, it will NOT be perfectly round unless it was already perfectly round when he started honing. The only hone that will round up a hole is a rigid hone. These typically have 2 stones 180 from each other, and 2 guides. They are not spring loaded and rely upon pressure from a adjusting screw so they will not spring. In any event any honing operation will only follow the existing bore. If it is worn out of true alignment with the crank, the hone will not return it. It will simply follow the existing hole and it will only be round if bored or honed with a rigid hone. Sunnen makes one that works very well.
  2. oh5x

    Rad. Braces

    I opted to go with Flatland and I'm not sorry I did. I high sided my bike this weekend on a very steep windy rocky climb. I made the climb barely and went to goose the throttle to get on flat ground and bike died put my left foot down and there wasn't any ground for miles. Bike went over right on a boulder and I wound up 10 feet down the hill before I got stopped. Picked the bike up expecting the worst and found to my delight zero damage save for 1 scratched decal. While this isn't a full on frontal hit, they did protect my radiator. Flatland has my vote. Oh5x
  3. oh5x

    250x Airbox Mods

    Thanks for the info, was out of town or would have responded sooner. Bike is tore down and I will be cutting the airbox. It would be done by now but my new main jet had a crack in it so had to order another one. Appreciate the wealth of info to be had here on this subject. I'm not really interested in gearing down the bike, I do ride at high speeds when able. Just looking to get a little more punch to carry me through when I make a bad choice of gears or conditions go south unexpectedly. oh5x
  4. oh5x

    250x Airbox Mods

    Lots of Info there, thanks for link. But still unclear as to how much I should chop my airbox. Is the standard where the line is? No exceptions made to altitude? Temp? As I said, I ride pretty high, and its normally pretty hot, 80-95f.
  5. oh5x

    250x Airbox Mods

    I've spent hours going through posts about this topic, and have as of yet not gained enough info to do this mod. I've heard countless posts about honda specs, 10 times more from people just winging it, and still am not ready to carve my airbox. I've got a brand new 05 250x, have already purchased a 42pilot, 140main, 55leak. But from what I've read, adding these seems pointless without doing the airbox mod. Unfortunately I'm still vague about where/how much to open the airbox. I ride in the rockies, lots of serious hills, lots of technical terrain. I went from a 2002 xr250r (280 big bore, hotcams stage 1) to this X. I love the power once you find it, but I miss my XR's Low end. I'm hoping with correct Jetting I can find some of that low end. Don't get me wrong, I'm in the r's 90% of the time, but when you come around a 180degree switchback at a serious incline, its pretty easy to be out of the "range". That being said, I'm trying to tune my bike to my riding conditions. General Altitude I ride is 3500-7000. My bike does good, though I only have 80 miles on it, I already know it's not running to potential. What do you recommend for what I've described? Dunno if it matters, but I'm 190lbs, 31yrs old, and will ALWAYS be on your rear fender through the tight steep stuff I know this bike can blow away my XR, but as of yet, it hasn't! Oh5x