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  1. rtalich

    Gnarliest trail pics ever!

    Anything built by good 'ol Scotty Webber!! RIP buddy!!
  2. rtalich

    Good transmission builder..?

    Could not DISAGREE more with this post. Going to the Ford stealership to replace a piece of crap with a Ford factory reman. piece of crap? Why would you want to do that? Not unless you like having your tranny replaced every few years. Go with proven quality!! Either John Wood or BTS. Look them up and do some research. Sorry if this response seems harsh but BTDT the hard way.
  3. rtalich

    Protective gear is worth the money!

    Almost looks like she got caught in a sink hole :-0
  4. rtalich

    35 Minute Walker Valley Loop

    Heck ya... Ron and I did that Saturday morning :-)
  5. rtalich

    Anyone riding at Walker Tomorrow? (Jun 9th)

    Haha. Yeah. Just got done cleaning gutters and roof :-) got to use the leaf blower. Sort of sounded like I was riding.
  6. rtalich

    Anyone riding at Walker Tomorrow? (Jun 9th)

    Oh man. Didn't see this until just now. Would have met you up there. Oh well. Next time.
  7. Haha. Or stand outside the front door of REI.
  8. rtalich

    More Reiter

    Hahaha. Can you imagine? A poker run on a 2 mile long trail??? Would you have them draw all 5 cards at the beginning of the ride, after, or have check points every .4 miles? Hahaha... Oh, and you'd have to get there early to get a parking spot or be turned away and not able to take part in the extremely epic event. What a joke!!!!
  9. rtalich

    More Reiter

    Reiter WAS already a world class place to ride before they ruined it... FOR GOOD! And why would anyone want to go for a hike at Reiter in the first place? What a total waste of time, resources and money!! All that rock layed on trail in a rock quarry!!!!!
  10. rtalich

    More Reiter

    For some people that have never been on a bike riding thru the woods... they think its "a walk in the park". They truly do not know how physically challenging it can be!!! They think we are simply taking joy rides thru the woods.
  11. rtalich

    "Urban Assault" Team Race in Monroe Feb 24th

    Oh man... I hate going to the dentist!!! Sorry... Yeah, the Stumpjumpers are awesome!!
  12. rtalich

    "Urban Assault" Team Race in Monroe Feb 24th

    I did... but I am NOT a track guy! In fact, that was my first time on a track. Obstacles were awesome! Sorry if what I said got taken the wrong way... there were definately people there (Stumpjumpers) with the experience it takes to pull off an event like this. Not really sure what happened in the end but it's not fair to the people that were actually trying to compete.... and come to find out that the results aren't correct... and actually somewhat comical. It's funny to me only because I wasn't competing (and my name showing up twice :-) )... but there were plenty who were and those are the people that deserve some sort of appology, IMHO. Posting results that are knowingly incorrect is worse than posting them at all... again, IMHO. I know for a fact that I only did about 5 or 6 laps... and the person that came in 9th did at least 20. Oh well... Yes... good times!!
  13. rtalich

    "Urban Assault" Team Race in Monroe Feb 24th

    That is just down right embarrassing!! And should refund some of our money for that sorry ass attempt of keeping track of results!!!!! I did the iron man class just to ride and have a good time and did not even think about placing in anything. The results show that I placed 8th AND 12th???? &%$#@!!!!! I think I probably only did about 6 laps. :-)
  14. rtalich

    Reiter finally reopening

    Thanks for posting those videos Slackkin!! I REALLY miss that place!!!