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    warning :do not order Eastcoastwheels ECW

    I'm having a very hard time reaching anyone at ECW this week and most of last, and yes I did leave detailed messages. This has been the trend all Summer. I have read thru these threads and have had similiar experiences. I do believe that things are busy for them and I have been patient. I have talked to Jeff, I have had good communication and have been told to wait and wait until things are worked out with there equipment . I do belive he has good intentions but I'm starting to feel like I might be taken advantage of. I wil continue to try and call and give Jeff/ ECW a chance to make good on our agreement. The order that I finally recieved in the mail was missing 2 out of 7 items came 7 days later then what was promised. There was no item-ized bill or a return address and there are loose spokes in the set. I have decided to contact my credit card company before things get any worse. I will give this company another chance because like I have said,having talked to Jeff through out the Summer I did get really good informationa and felt comfortable enought to spend my money there before, but not recently. I did get a good feeling that things would be o.k.but how long can you wait with unanswered calls.
  2. philip gandolfo

    steering stem spanner

    Hello, Im looking for the correct spanner for a yzf 250f 02 steering stem. I would prefer a torque wrench style. Hammer and punch folks need not apply! I have not contacted the dealer yet but had seen a thread of someone that had the proper tool. However ,I did not see if it would accept a torque wrench or not. Thanks in advance for all replies. phil