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  1. MadDog69

    Thread size for fuel screw

    Thanks everybody, I might just live with it being a little tight, better than too loose! Jake
  2. MadDog69

    Thread size for fuel screw

    What is the thread size for the fuel mixture screw? I want to get a tap to clean out the threads, I removed an old alloy screw and am installing a new brass one from JD Jetting and it feels really tight and I want to clean out the treads, I think the alloy one may have left some material behind. Thanks, Jake
  3. I have been out of the sport since 2006 when we moved back to Independence MO from Cedar Rapids Iowa and I am now looking for a group of riders to ride with to get back into the sport. I mostly ride trail / woods riding and have a 09 WR450F. Any help / info is appreciated. Thanks, Jake
  4. MadDog69

    made the switch to a WR450

    Update: I got that SOB..... managed to use a small allen wrench and some patience.... Now i just need to find somebody in KC Metro who knows about the jetting for this beast! :-) Jake
  5. MadDog69

    made the switch to a WR450

    So I got myself an early Christmas present, I sold my old 04 yz250 and moved to a 09 wr450, 5800 OTD so I thought it was the right time / price! Removed the pea shooter, greased the linkages, pulled the gray wire, but for the life of me I can't see an easy way to get to the throttle stop. I have large hands and can't see a way to get to it without a major disassembly. Could someone who has done this give me a hint? Also I have a complete GYTR exhaust system with Ti header, Devol rad guards, 2 black Pro-Wheels (F&R rim only), a new Mich S20 rear tire, and some other misc. 04 yz250 stuff if anyone is interested. Thanks, Jake